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Good Times Are For Hanging the Nigger

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Saddam was a bad, bad man. Like any nigger, he was bad because he beat down on other niggers without permission, and gassed them and raped them, all by his lonesome. Such is the power of his nigger muslim penis. That's why it had to Be Destroyed. Did you have a good time, churchmouse, watching the slobber come out of his mouth, the blood run from his ass, did you listen to Toby Keith while his neck stretched? I hope you did. In the Good Old Days, you'd have had some fine Kentucky whiskey and fucked a White Woman in the public square, all by your lonesome, as the shit ran down his leg and the crowd broke into song. The flame from the torches would've made your flushed face seem more supernatural, more in touch with your God, more alive. But now you get to share your ecstasy with a million of your kind, and line-dance on his grave with your electronic boots, kickin it across the ether, for all them coolies to feel, even as their sorry towel-headed nonEnglish speaking asses can only receive, like a sorry bitch, and not send, in the medium of your creation, which spreads forth across this globe like Santorum from your mother/sister's ass. You love watching them slurp it up, don't you? Don't you? That's "entertainment. I'm sorry: "infotainment." Get with the times, Dyke.

Is this an angry post? /Rummy voice/ Yes, yes it is. Is there something wrong with a nation of "freedoms" and "democracy" that celebrates death, makes it a video game, a holiday event for the children to enjoy? Hell yes.

Don't think some of us don't know what this is. It isn't the Rule of Law. It isn't "justice" for the victims of the Baath regime. Oh, I'm sorry--did you fail to notice them shooting and getting shot at, daily? Civil War, bitches. Not like you care now. Or: River is posting again. I'm not too angry to link. Just turn up the music, kick back and relax, and know that you don't live in a Civilized Nation. That's what you want, and like best, right? Else why would you pay these motherfuckers the millions they make, while perfectly fecund white children starve in the hinterlands of your own nation, the better to ring in the new year of imperialism, with the public humilation of the Great Satan of your own making? That's what "news" is all about, no? Will Rummy cry over the death of his handshaking buddy? Will KBR be sorry they can't do business with him anymore? Will the Western, taxpayer supported research MIC companies that sold him poison gas look for a new brown man who'll test their latest product? Can I make this into a Scrabble post? Perhaps there's an option on "World of Warcraft" that'll fit.

Saddam's last foetid, murderous, CIA-empowered breath blew stank into my addled mind. It asks, rolling over my tongue like filth slopping over a hog's trough: Will you ever turn it off? Here. I have a kitten, and some children. And some tar. Let me see if I can entertain you now. I already have the matches.

UPDATE Of course it was a lynching, complete with "legal workarounds". Seems like CD was spot on, calling the Saddam's execution by its right name, a lynching, although it's taken The World's Greatest Newspaper (not!) a few days to catch up. And never doubt for an instant that the message conveyed by this cheesy, grotesque, and virally marketed Grand Guignol was the message that was designed to be conveyed. Incredibly, the Republicans have managed to lower the bar yet again. --Lambert

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