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Goodbye Texas?

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Oh it would be fun to see Texas do this: subdivide itself into 4 or 5 states, making the prospect of 8 or 10 new Republican senators from Texas so odious, that the US of A kicks them out of the union.

Cool - then second thing we do - make it illegal to import any textbooks or educational material from Texas. Yeehaw! (clap clap clap CLAP)


Submitted by lambert on

And take your textbooks with you!

Not bad... The problem is abandoning the left in TX to the tender mercies of the right (not at the partisan level, but the personal level).

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I'm pretty sure a "ride share to get the hell out of here" thing would happen.
As long as they don't have the nukes, I'd be fine with it.

I really do think Big Tech is the new agriculture, tho, and I'm sure Cato does, too. So, sadly, this will never happen.