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Goodnight, moon

Very strange day: I locked myself out of the site by marking one of my own experimental comments as spam. Fortunately, I got myself back in through the back door, the database at the ISP, even if it did take me a good half hour to figure out which of the various layers of protection was protecting me from myself. Great metaphor! Anyhow, I guess the spam filters are working!

Meanwhile, I had thought that yesterday (Wednesday) was today, Thursday (OK, Friday, by this point). So, my trainer didn't show up for a Thursday appointment on Wednesday, which is good news looked at in the right way, and then was sick today, so tomorrow (or, rather, today) I will finally have my exercise regimen in hand and can start doing it. It's never good news when I start living in the future like that. So, modified rapture.

And now to go to bed and read Randall Wray's book, which came in the mail. Yay!

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Now there's a service we could all use from time to time ;-)

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