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Goodnight, moon

Hurrah! Not only did the exercise plan arrive, it contained a regimen for the Cybex machines, which I liked. So I can start out with a bike-ride, just I used to, except on a stationary bike.

I really do have to consider some gym clothing, though. I feel like an idiot around all the gym rats. This in addition to shoes. Beware of any enterprise that requires new clothes!

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I thought of saying this before, when you wrote about walking a mile in boat shoes ... a pair of shoes, at least, you should get. It's not about the uniform, it's about protecting your arches/knees/spine from the stress of weight + activity. You want the enjoyment of your joints for a long time yet. (Plus, a pair of shoes only has so many miles in it, and a mile walked in athletic shoes ought to be cheaper on a prorated basis than a mile walked in boat shoes.)

Whether the same longer-term economic argument (w/r/t wear and tear or laundering costs) can be made in favor of the rest of the gym outfit is less clear. But once you've got the shoes, you're within $20 of a new pair of shorts and a 3-pak of white athletic socks. And a T-shirt you have. Not too bad a price to pay for not feeling like an idiot, and hopefully something you actually get your money's worth of enjoyment out of!