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Greg Mitchell's Day 6 of Blogging the Wikileaks -- More Fed employees informed they

being told they cannot access Wikileaks.

Two stunners: Libary of Congress (with, like, library employees and researchers!) blocked from access to Wikileaks.

Also, pop-up on legit legal site tells JAG officer he cannot access Wikileaks and should avoid this site.

And, heaven help us, WaTimes regular columnist headline: Assassinate Assange.

Julian Assange poses a clear and present danger to American national security. The WikiLeaks founder is more than a reckless provocateur. He is aiding and abetting terrorists in their war against America. The administration must take care of the problem - effectively and permanently.


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... is an anti-Hillary provocateur, he's got the best schtick I've ever encountered. I guess that makes me a smug narcissist. [Chorus: "Told ya!"]

NOTE Like financiers, Versailles courtiers are in constant quest for opportunities to arbitrage information (here, to combine information that others only just found out about, and will react to, with information that only they, as insiders, have). So it's not at all surprising that Versailles would seek to exploit any opportunity Wikileaks presented to them, whether against Clinton, or for Israel, or whatever. That's not the same as saying that the leaks, themselves, were designed to create those opportunities. (Arbitrage breaks the link between intention and outcome). It's worth noting that the various theories are mutually contradictory.

UPDATE SMBIVA is skeptical of the complexity of CT as well.

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There's no Mother Of All Smoking Guns in wikileaks. Instead, there's an endless series of petty betrayals from members of the permanent government. That's what they really fear, then. Versailles is a sac of pus that's waiting to burst.

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This is madness, but it shows that wikileaks has really pushed the government and the Establishment's buttons. This kind of stupid, unthinking overreaction is pure banana republic.