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Gregg and Obama [heart] TARP


A detail I missed:

Aides to both men said that on crucial issues like efforts to rejuvenate the economy, the two mostly saw eye to eye, Mr. Gregg having been one of the chief negotiators for the $700 billion bank bailout passed last fall with Mr. Obama’s support.

Where "support" means whipping the bill with the CBC.

I mean, $350 billion to Big Money with no transparency and no accountability -- and no result. What's not to like? Especially for, er, a Republican.

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A lot of the Republicans didn't like that bill. What a post-partisan achievement it was for the Dems to feather the nest of Wall Street at a level that even the GOP found distasteful!

Good to know that Gregg was forward-looking enough to support that undertaking!

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Lining up votes on behalf of the bill, in the Congressional Black Caucus. To lazy to find the link now, but we posted on it.