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Guess who, and guess where


"How do we get this help from ______ [a] ?" asks one woman, referring to the promise by _________ [b] to repair and rebuild for owners of 15,000 destroyed homes.

"Where are you staying?" he replies in the manner of a seasoned bureaucrat. He says the family should fill out a claim form listing address, size of house, scale of damage, and furniture lost.

"You will get money in an envelope. Don't worry, our people are coming to you."

The administration after Katrina? No, silly:

[a] Hizbullah
[b] Hizbullah chief Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah

Heckuva job, Sayyed!

Seriously, not to glorify Hizbullah/Hezbollah (you say/I say) or to state that all their intentions are benign.

Just to point out that these guys really do seem to be acting like a governmment should when it's functional (unlike "ours"). They're taking care of their people. Contract the malAdminstration's grotesque clusterfuck under Katrina.

Yes, fundamentalism is bad, wherever found.

Yes, warlords and militias are bad, wherever found.

Bottom line for me is, Hizbullah is sure looking like a government, in a part of the world where functioning governments that take care of their people are rare creatures. And aren't governments in the business of dealing with other governments?

TROLL PROPHYLACTIC #1 Israel has a right to exist.

TROLL PROPHYLACTIC #2 This war as planned as a test run for Iran. The two hostages have and had nothing to do with it.

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