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Guiliana doesn't seem all that wierd to me

giuliani-drag But apparently his handlers have concerns:

Rudolph W. Giuliana learned that lesson again yesterday when a "vulnerability study," including warnings about his "weirdness factor" and other perceived liabilities, surfaced from his second campaign for New York mayor, 14 years ago.

The "weirdness" question involved Giuliana's first marriage, to his second cousin. He had his 14-year union with Regina Peruggi annulled on grounds that the Roman Catholic Church had never properly approved the marriage. The 1993 memo said that Giuliana had given a "wide array of conflicting answers" about his personal life, bringing "the soundness of his judgment" into question, but that any attempt to question the marriage or his fidelity "should be deflected as a shameless act of negative campaigning."

Giuliana's handlers should lighten up. Bernie Kerik's boss doesn't seem wierd to me, honest--Especially if you take Kerik as your standard for weirdness. Then again, what do I know?

I'm just a blogger who says Fuck. So what would I know about wierdness?

NOTE I mean, so what if Rudy moves in with two gay roommates after his wife finds out about his torrid affair with his own communications director. I mean, I'm seeing a man who's very comfortable with his sexuality. Why are people having a problem with this?

UPDATE OK, "weird." Like they pay me so much.

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Yes, I know that misspelling it makes it funnier, but in fact, the name is "Giuliani."

And of course there is enough in his two terms as Mayor of New York City to bring his fitness to be President into question without resorting to scandal-mongering, although apparently no one outside of New York seems to have known Giuliani existed before 2001.

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Rudy's plural, not feminine. Silly me.

Seriously, though, none of these people are deserving of a single iota of deference or respect. Not one of them. We need to mock them mercilessly at every opportunity -- and this is one such. When they stop saying "Democrat Party," we'll stop making fun of their names -- after about 25 years or so, just to even the scales.

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