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"" Hits LA Times: Always Read the Jump Page

Warmed by the increasing heat from below, the sluggish national media begins to take notice of the campaign to run the country of the Republican Party, by the Republican Party, for the Republican Party, that it might not perish from the earth (the rest of us of course can submit or go to hell). Via LA Times:

When Karl Rove and his top deputies arrived at the White House in 2001, the Republican National Committee provided them with laptop computers and other communication devices to be used alongside their government-issued equipment.

The back-channel e-mail and paging system, paid for and maintained by the RNC, was designed to avoid charges that had vexed the Clinton White House — that federal resources were being used inappropriately for political campaign purposes.

Now, that dual computer system is creating new embarrassment and legal headaches for the White House, the Republican Party and Rove's once-vaunted White House operation.

Democrats say evidence suggests the RNC e-mail system was used for political and government policy matters in violation of federal record preservation and disclosure rules.

In addition, Democrats point to a handful of e-mails obtained through ongoing inquiries suggesting the system may have been used to conceal such activities as contacts with lobbyist Jack Abramoff, who was convicted on bribery charges and is now in prison for fraud.

While this is a good lead, I point out again that it is always important to read the back pages of stories like this (known as the "jump" page from back in the days of dead tree publications.) There you find little tidbits like this:

Waxman told RNC Chairman Mike Duncan in a letter that such exchanges "indicated that in some instances White House officials were using nongovernment accounts specifically to avoid creating a record of communications" that could be reviewed by congressional committees or released under the Presidential Records Act.

Lawyers for the committees say that use of campaign-connected e-mail addresses may make it easier to gather information because it would be harder for the White House to make a broad claim of executive privilege. Lawyers for congressional Democrats have anticipated that the White House will invoke executive privilege in an effort to block requests for information about its role in the firing of U.S. attorneys, Abramoff and other matters.

In the U.S. attorney case, Rove deputy Jennings used the RNC e-mail system to write to D. Kyle Sampson, then Atty. Gen. Alberto Gonzales' chief of staff, in August 2006 about replacing Arkansas U.S. Atty. H.E. "Bud" Cummins III with former Rove protege Tim Griffin.

"We're a go for the U.S. atty plan. WH leg, political and communications have signed off and acknowledged that we have to be committed to following through once the pressure comes," Jennings wrote in an e-mail from the domain name. Sampson noted in a related e-mail that "getting him appointed was important to" Rove, then-White House Counsel Harriet E. Miers and other officials.

The account, and others like it, have been traced to the Republican National Committee computer servers, Waxman's staff said.

Why yes, yes it has! How nice of them to notice.


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corrente put up a post about a photo that turned out to be fake, so this can't be important!

nothing to see here, move along, these aren't the droids you're looking for, and michael moore is still fat.

see, i can be like malkin too, if i try and keep my eyes very tightly closed.

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.... because that's what the cretin in chief uses to get his way. Remember, Rummy has the full support of the WH and still is in charge in the Pentagon ... oh, that's not operative anymore? How about the flowers and candy.... oh, just fooling? The cylinders can only be used for nuclear .... well, they looked nukular to them experts? And the Congress voted to go to war with Iraq .... well, it's all the same, since we're there now? Gotcha.

There's a pattern here ... except if you're Fox Networth or whatever.


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Oh finally, there is some attention concerning the issues of using a second server in order to circumvent transparency in government. Should be a fun week.

Rep. Waxman is my hero. I can't recall anyone who has worked harder and accomplished so much in such a short period of time. Good job, Henry Waxman.

War is terrorism.

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Absolutely correct, Xan; that is the real issue.

I'd like to see Democrats make more of this as a theme; transparency, especially when it comes to our own history.

The information our government gathers doesn't belong to which ever party is in power; it belongs to the rest of us, the citizens of these United States, dmamnit.

And as I've noted previously, there is a hammer Republicans forged for us during the Clinton administration, or rather right at the end of it, when they held hearings on the Gore emails that went missing because of a breach in the White House computer system. We should be looking for those quotes. And then start feeding them to Democrats in congress.

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Who wants to bet that classified information didn't slip into these backchannel communications?

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Obviously Anonymous Coward dosen't get it! it dosen't matter if classified info slipped thru these backchannel communications systems or not. what matters is that the WH employees using these systems had SECURITY CLEARANCES and were close to the President and left themselves OPEN to having their political dirty work hacked into and exposed by agents of foreign governments. Ever heard of blackmail? Karl Rove and the other WH employees who went outside of SECURE WH GOVERNMENT channels to do their daily business are a huge threat to this nations security, and should be forced out of the WH immediately and placed in the custody of the intellegence agencies for National Security's sake!

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I would hope the NSA or someone has intercepted the emails to scan them for classified info. Maybe some of those NSLs could be used? I'm just saying the way Rove leaked to reporters, can you imagine what he leaked to RNC email addresses. I'm sure some investigation on what was leaked eventually makes it high enough where it disappears... but certainly the nationwide spying program has to be good for something.

(I'm also willing to be the architects of the Patriot Act were smart enough to make sure it didn't apply to themselves)

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What we've been trying to get at is, I don't know who from the RNC setup the back-channel seconds computer system. I have a pretty good guess.. (one of the contractors works in WH now) But, to remind folks, what was happening at the same time over at Congress was a RNC-client was busy over at installing their own computer system inside the firewall of Congress, and setting up Reps and Committee websites.

So you gotta ask yourself, where these systems interconnected? How connected to outside RNC sources were they? Normally you could dismiss that last comment as moonbat-something-or-other, but really look at the story.. and the burden of proof gets shifted a little.

Behind the firewall

They bruied that nline.gif into with the image they misplaced from

Perhaps it's just a problem common to templated websites.


Running on a machine supposed to be 'woman-owned, non-partisan' for the former but manned by the Bush-loyalist of 20 years who did both and the domain of KR's political email address,

The line through the dot gov firewall has a figurative "Dirty Red" hue to it and has been a two-way tunnel for much of this decade, it would seem according to our research.

Good reminder Intrnnets, dang, that MSM is slow!

Thankfully geeks and bloggers'll stick their necks out, glad you all at Correntewire are willing to do it!

I want to be clear that we don't know that Connell's 'companies' has done anything beyond the straight and narrow line while inside of dot gov.

But this is a guy who lost his job in 1990 with a Republican candidate for involvement in a push-polling scheme (DCI ring any bells?). The RNC quickly picked him back up as the computer guru of a "prototype project of the Republican National Committee" during the state's [Iowa's] decennial redistricting.

And he was cool with DCI before James Tobin-push-polling recently became cool, again, having Tom Synhorst and his wife as the two registered members (April 2000) of his 'woman-owned' GovTech Solutions.

Surely Ohio's Secretary of State was not paid to do a sniff-test when Ken Blackwell certified GovTech just a few years before he signed GovTech to deliver realtime results from Ohio's 2004 election through Chattanooga, TN!

Color perception is obviously a subjective measure of what's in your face but there's reason to ask whether a partner of Tom Synhorst behind the firewall of might have left residues along the straight line outta Ohio GOP dot org.

Don't you think so?

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The whole connection between all three is just simply UNCANNY! Mercer Reynolds "the 3rd", NexLec merging with Smartech, Ohio 04 election votecount, GovTech with 2 branches, one in DC the other in Ohio, everything e-mail and computer and server Republican, RNC related going through and involving all of these companies and people. there is a lot of smoke and usually that means some fire!

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Young advertising consultant, evangelical Christian, and blogosphere hoaxer is also an editor of the Wikipedia article on Karl Rove.

Josiah Q. Row, AKA "Qmax", claims to be "against advertising of any kind on Wikipedia" yet is engaging in self-promotion by adding several carefully crafted paragraphs, (with links), about his company's involvement in the big spoof.

A proven master of misdirection, ("Christian"?!), would seem to have a conflict of interest with editing an encyclopedia. The punk'n continues...

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I can't tell if this is done to incite actually correcting wikipedia.. at least speel the last name corectly.

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Submitted by chicago dyke on

when commenting on a troll's spelling, make sure your own is flawless before hitting the "submit" button. i am a terrible speller, which is why i never mock them for it. but if you want to, check that mote in your own, etc.

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I cant speel well. Must have ben a accident. Thx!

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LAT correction. "White House e-mail: An article in Monday’s Section A on White House use of a private e-mail system incorrectly attributed to Scott Jennings, a deputy to senior advisor Karl Rove, an e-mail on that system saying, “We’re a go for the U.S. atty plan. WH leg, political and communications have signed off and acknowledged that we have to be committed to following through once the pressure comes.” The e-mail was written by Deputy White House Counsel William Kelley using a White House e-mail account."

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I have reasons for not wishing to register on their site so am unable to check this out personally. However, assuming Sherlock's snip is accurate, I'm not sure how this precisely changes anything. Other than putting Kelley's nuts in the wringer for discussing politics over WH (taxpayer owned) .gov lines rather than (taxpayer paid but privately owned) .com ones.

Jennings nuts are conversely extracted from said wringer to the degree of one offense, but I'm pretty sure there's still some distance to go until they're safely back in his boxers or briefs as the case may be.

Anybody want to start the Testicle Liberation Front as a support group for saps and flunkies caught up in this mess? That wringer is out of a 1864 Bickerdyke model barrel-mounted mangle and is made of cast iron with an elegant revolving elephant-ivory handle. Virtually impossible to disassemble.

Only way items can be removed once the teeth have been engaged is to release the bottom roller, and that requires two switches, one on either side, to be activated simultaneously. One could get all metaphorical and call them the Switches of Confession and Repentance, but in the meantime there is much gonadal suffering going on (not to mention abuse of priceless historical artifacts) so we should probably not waste time on literary flourishes.

And since they are obviously being set up to be thrown under the handiest passing bus, it's gonna be real, real painful if the extraction process has not been completed beforehand. I suggest they give thought to those switches ASAP, and get in line behind Monica to swallow

their pride and make the best deals they can get for coming out. Into the light of honesty & truth & allthat I mean.