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Happy talk

Even if the fight to prevent the banksters from controlling our government's fiscal policy, thereby removing sovereignty from "We the people," bores you to tears (it shouldn't) the timeline I've developed has a very hopeful moral, that you don't need to be a wannabe economist to understand:

Start at the beginning (the present) and you'll see many names of bloggers and mainstream media types that you know.

But drag the timeline back into the past (see the Help button at top left or click, hold, and drag right) and if you go all the way back to July 7, 2010 ("Phase I"), you will see that the idea originates with one person. Then drag a bit further toward the present (click, hold, and right left) and you will see our own letsgetitdone's name appear. Keep dragging and you'll see the "Proof Platinum Coin" [PPC] concept propagate through the blogosphere (both left and right) until July 14, 2011, when PPC makes the mainstream, at Reuters, in a piece by Felix Salmon, in the context of a budget crisis. At the next budget crisis, in December 2, the PPC enters the mainstream again (Phase VI), and hasn't left.

So the hopeful morals of the story (as it turns out, there are two):

1. One person can make a difference

2. The blogosphere is relevant to policy discussion

None of this means "ZOMG!!! We win!!!" but it does mean we are in the game. That, to me, is very, very hopeful.

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