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Happy thanksgiving, all

I really enjoy Thanksgiving; it's my favorite holiday, not least because I don't feel compelled comply with demands to do or feel anything. (Xmas is at the complete opposite end of the compliance spectrum.)

Now granted, that is because I am invited and don't have to cook or plan!

And yes, rotten history involving genocidal myths of origin*.... But fortunately those aspects seem to have dropped away from everything but the iconography; it's not like we hold triumphal Thanksgiving parades commemorating human slaughter in battle.

Perhaps Thanksgiving's relative benignity comes from it being centered on sharing food. I don't know!

Anyhow, even though it's been a tough year, I'm thankful to be doing what I want to be doing; not everyone is so lucky.

Happy tryptohanic haze, everyone!

NOTE * Subtext:

NOTE Oh, and as far as talking politics:


I first made this joke in 2006. A lot has changed since then, and a lot hasn't. Both categories including me, I suppose.

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and all Correntians.

Had a great day do far. Our daughter was over for dinner. No big bird this year, just a breast, which suits us just fine because we're only looking at 2+ days of leftovers rather than 7, and maybe no gained weight at all if we're careful. Also, I haven't eaten too much because we didn't make enough appetizers to choke a horse, so I'm alert and ready for anything this evening rather than having to vegetate in a tryptophan-induced stupor. Lots to be thankful for, including this great group here at Corrente.

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"compliance spectrum".
Holiday Compliance Spectrum (HCS) is a key predictor of the extent of surliness during a holiday. For example, the HCS for Xmas (10) is the key factor in movie attendance on Dec. 25.