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Health reform: "A clusterfuck of epic proportions"

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"[...] target Senators who won't vote for it with bone-crushing ads which ask why they want 22,000 American to die every year who could be saved for less money than the Iraq war cost;"

Oh, man, I could get behind that ad campaign!

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The person who posts Kip's stuff at PNHP apparently has a friend who knows about DU. I don't know about DU, but this is a reworded summary I got in a round about way- I didn't know before e.g. that recs are only open for 24 hrs.

"100 recommendations is amazing
200 is almost unheard of
300- never seen anything like that before."

WOOT! 303 recs!

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The PNHP server apparently crashed this morning. I have no info as to the cause.

Maybe there was a glitch while the "webmaster" was fixing all those bad links. I don't know when they actually got fixed, but certainly not late Sunday eve. But, they are fixed now. So, a really wide time frame on that.

On the other hand, sometimes, apparently servers crash bec. of high traffic. I say "apparently" because I know nada about servers, and that kinda stuff. And again, no info as to details.

I'm giving this info to you in an extremely cautious way, bec. I really have no further info than what I've stated.

But, apart from the above, which is totally fwiw, I think Kip is still pretty amazed by the positive reactions to his recent articles, and also very gratified that his work is striking a chord with people who are hungry for information, rather than propaganda. And, every bit you or I do to spread the info helps.