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This is a personal call for help from me, lambert. The plumber has just spray-painted the Day-Glo orange stripes on my driveway so he can bring in the backhoe, dig deep in my driveway, find the break in my sewer line, and repair it, so my basement doesn't fill up with, er, solids -- and it's going to cost about as much as a couple of MacBook Pros.

I'm asking for your help because while blogging has brought me happiness and fame, it hasn't brought me wealth. In fact, my income is not middle class, and it's heating season -- and though our loyal subscribers have made it possible for me to be keep the servers spinning and be here 24/7, my plumbing disaster is a bit beyond the scope of our subscription base (or our newly sought advertising base, for that matter).

Finally, I wanted to wait until the site redesign was done, so I could feel I'd done something already that would justify asking for help now.

See the PayPal buttons at right!

Thank you all for being here.

NOTE If any of you have an in with FSM, please file a request that the evil Norway maple hasn't messed up the line all the way to the street. That would be bad.

UPDATE Whoever filed the request, thanks. The Norway maple was merciful. My toilets flush. So, the job is done. Now all I have to do... is pay the bill! And before that... Let me go down to the basement check where the fuel gauge fell to after last week's cold snap. That will inspire me to go into the crawlspace tomorrow and re-insulate the area. And thank the God(dess)(e)(s) Of Your Choice that I have some insulation left over from last year....

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Submitted by DCblogger on

thanks to anyone who sends kibble for the hamsters!

Submitted by lambert on

("I owe you," in a good way, I hope! ;-)

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Submitted by pie on

It's a jungle out there, but not here :)

Hoping others realize it eventually.

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Submitted by herb the verb on


Are you sure they can't
a) sleeve your existing drain
b) root out your existing drain
c) assure you it is YOUR line and not the city's that is the problem
d) have the city assess it to your property (like we can do in Saint Paul)?

A friend had a similar situation, frequent "backing up of solids", it worked out it was the TOWN's pipes that were backing up into HER basement.

Submitted by lambert on

Yes, actually, to all. Sigh. But thanks!

The good news is that I won't have to dig up the whole driveway!

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Submitted by Uncle Alice on

of kibble and may your costs stay little.
Good Luck Lambert it ain't much but many hands lighten the burden..

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Submitted by Uncle Alice on

did your plumber use a rod or camera to get an Idea of how far the break is down the line? Could save you valuable backhoe charges-

Submitted by ohio on

multiple layers, and then duct tape the entire structure, you should have a shield that will also protect you from the aliens trying to read your mind. And from the surveillance satellites watching.your.every.move.

But duct tape is required. It's code.

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Submitted by Iphie on

Just sent what I could.

Oh, and btw, you don't need to justify asking for help. With or without the site redesign I am truly grateful for what you've created here and what you continue to do.

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Submitted by badger on

The words "bailout" and "shitpile" certainly seem to apply here just as well as they do on Wall Street.

Submitted by WRhouse on

or in this case my tight household budget, I was able to send you a second donation this month.

Submitted by lambert on

Generosity in hard times.

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Submitted by coyotecreek on

Wish it could be more.

When you go downstairs, make sure you turn the light on before you step onto the floor....just in case!

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Submitted by vastleft on

Lambert works too hard at maintaining a shit-free zone on the internets to have to do it again in R.L.

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Submitted by Bamboo on

Now that I've got time to do so, the Paypal button is gone. The "Feed the Hamsters" text is still displayed (and is in the source code) but the button link is missing. I've tried loading the page in Firefox and Safari, logged in and not, with no luck.

If its disappearance means that the sewer situation is paid for, great! But I'd still like to throw in a few bucks for the site itself.