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If we are to take our country back we need a place to discuss what is being done and what needs to be done. lambert, at enormous personal cost, both in terms of money and opportunity cost, has built a public square where that discussion can take place. He has created a public square where everyone is a front pager; a place where each of us can post about those things we know and care about, thus creating a treasure trove of expert commentary. But there is a limit to what sweat equity can do for our movement. lambert needs your help, please donate. [The PayPal and WePay buttons are to your right. And Okanagen has followed CoyoteCreek in offering to match contributions; please write "OK" on the PayPal/WePay forms or mail me so I can match the gifts up. --lambert, blushing modestly]

Let's review the remarkable achievements of the mighty CorrenteWire, which punches way above its weight. This blog saw right through the hopium. Back in 2007 this blog was pointing out that Obama's rhetoric was harmful to the Democratic cause. Back when other blogs were chasing the public option sparkle pony, this blog was fighting for Medicare for All

When Obama announced the Pete Peterson Cat Food Conference, this blog created a space where we could organize the Fiscal Sustainability Teach In Counter Conference, bringing in internationally known speakers to counter the deficit hysteria. No other blog has done more to bring Modern Monetary Theory out of econosphere and into the mainstream.

It was lambert who recognized that banksters and finance would be the next big battle and adopted Goldman Sachs as his adopt-a-parasite. He also established relationships with Naked Capitalism and other econobloggers.

This blog has also hosted incredible live blog online discussions with such luminaries as Yves Smith, Katie Robbins, Kip Sullivan, and Margaret Flowers.

lambert did tireless work in support of Arab Spring. It was not enough that Al Jazeera continuously broadcast the events in Tunsia and Egypt, had American bloggers like lambert not linked to AJ and others covering the events, it would have been possible for Versailles to turn a blind eye to a general suppression. lambert, along with other American bloggers, played a crucial role in putting Arab Spring into the American mainstream and made it impossible to ignore.

So it was just natural for the CorrenteWire community to embrace the American solidarity movement when it stood up in Wisconsin, Ohio, Indiana, and Michigan. And it was natural that CorrenteWire embraced the Occupy movement from the very beginning, even when other progressive blogs were ignoring it. And it was natural that when some elements of the Occupy movement went off the deep and and began the smashy smashy, it was CorrenteWire which launched a series of posts recalling Occupy to its original purposes and away from the vanity and self-destruction of smashy smashy.

This blog is one of the few which began as a Democratic blog to see through the delusion of lesser evilism and embrace the vision of building a true people's movement through emergent parties. It was lambert himself who coined the phrase legacy parties which perfectly captures their obsolescence.

CorrenteWire is the DuPont Circle of lefty blogosphere; far from the center of power yet at the crossroads of everything that is important. CorrenteWire is where anti-fracking activism crosses over into mainstream lefty blogosphere. It is where Medicare for All meets the larger political discussion. It is at the intersection of econosphere and political blogosphere. CorrenteWire is where people from Arizona, Montana, Michigan, Maine, and all over the nation can get together and discuss what needs to be done.

But lambert cannot do this by himself. It isn't just that he needs money for the monthly server costs, it isn't just that he needs funds to hold body and soul together, lambert needs sufficient funds to concentrate on this most important task. America needs Corrente and we need to help lambert help us to save America.

So what is the appropriate level of giving? Ask yourself some questions.

Are you a gadget freak? Do you have to have the latest greatest whatever? Are you the sort who orders it online months before its scheduled release and eagerly anticipates delivery like a 10 year old boy waiting for his cereal toy he saved up box tops for? I ask you to postpone your next gadget purchase until the George Washington Day Sales. Help lambert build Corrente.

Are you like I was in more prosperous times, buying that Irish fisherman's sweater every autumn? If you are like me you know that Irish fisherman's sweaters are stain seeking objects. It does not matter how careful you are, it does matter than you pretreat it to make it stain resistant, that sweater will find its stain and will be unwearable before March. Postpone the purchase of your Irish fisherman's sweater until the George Washington Day Sales, that way you won't stain it during the holiday parties. Send your Irish fishermen's sweater money to lambert.

Do you like hats? Do you buy a new hat every autumn and another one every winter? Even though you have a dozen? This year wait for the GW Sales and send lambert your hat money.

Do you go out every friday to meet with a friend or friends? Do you enjoy the winning combination of souvlaki and cola? Or is it pizza and beer? Send your pizza and beer money for one week to lambert.

Does your dog have a pile of toys, yet you cannot resist yet another one? Send your dog toy money to lambert. Trust me, your dog really would prefer that lambert have that money than go around in public with those ridiculous antlers.

Are you reading this at the library because you could not afford your utility bill and your apartment is dark? You can make an in-kind donation. You know someone who is becoming disillusioned with the Democratic party. You know someone who is fighting fracking, or perhaps charter schools, or whatever their cause is. You know someone looking for additional sources of information. Send them the link to CorrenteWire, spread the word about CorrenteWire.

In one way or another, we can all help lambert build Corrente and save America.

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