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Hillary Scam

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Less than casual observation

Remember when Hillary people informed us that she was doing the state parties a big favor by creating her Hillary Victory Fund, whereby money would be shared by her campaign, the DNC and the local parties, money they wouldn't ever have been able to obtain without access to her wealthy donor base? Well, despite charges by some that it was a big money laundering scheme to primarily benefit the Clinton campaign, many Democrats still believed that she was the candidate doing the most for the party overall.

But now, Politico has issued its second report on the Hillary Victory Fund, and what their report claims doesn't sound like much of a deal for the local parties. It sounds like the local parties' were fleeced to be exact, as her "rebuild the party" plan has returned less than one percent (1%) of the monies raised to local state Democratic parties, while holding on to the rest - you know, 99 percent of $61 Million raised.

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I thought we weren't allowed to criticize Hillary on this website any more.

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Submitted by okanogen on

Sure you can, Jay. What is not ok is regurgitating Roger Stone and other right-wing bullshit and/or misogynist tropes.

It's actually pretty easy.