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History of the Proof Platinum Coin Seigniorage Concept, 2010-2013

Please leave new "sightings" of Proof Platinum Coin Seigniorage items -- whether old or new -- in comments below, or contact the blog!

And see here for an interpretation of the data, at least from the perspective of the blogosphere.

NOTE The number of items seems to challenge the scale of the map. I should debug the map to make sure the background and all of the phases look perfect... And when I have time I will!



1. Click in a blank area and drag right to go back in time. Drag left to go forward in time.

2. Dragging the top (summary) timeline drags the bottom (detail) timeline along with it, but faster.

3. Tickmarks in the top timeline show links in the bottom timeline.

4. Click a link/dot for a popup with more information, including a link to the original.

NEW Here is a table of the same data, which you can sort and search by author, title, and date.

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Submitted by lambert on

... although you have the power as well. This is IIRC the second Reuters post and rather dismissive they are, too.

Rainbow Girl's picture
Submitted by Rainbow Girl on

... the "Man's" second line of defense ("then they ridicule you"). With PPC, once Gov, Media (and DHS?) fight back, we'll be only one step away from "we win"!

Submitted by lambert on

What this is here for -- more sighting!

If you don't see something with CNN on January 4, or if you click on the dot, the pop up will show you the link (hover over "original"). Maybe I should have included the title in the pop to make it easier to scan