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HOLDING Debt Ceiling Hostage? No more! - Obama Payoff Debt producing equal value coins!and/or render Ceiling unconstitutional

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The Debt Limit can be BYPASSED!! (I. Rendered Unconstitutional, II. Have US Treasury produce 500 billion platinum coins (debt free) which can pay the entire debt, render the limit useless and then we can all put Republicans in a plane to China i.e., kick them in their rear!

First note that The National Debt Is a Republican Congress measure passed in 1971 by eliminating the Gold Standard this could be reversed.

I. Rendered Debt Ceiling unconstitutional

President can have the power to do it wihout congress approval as described in these articles:

DEBT LIMIT IS STATUTORY LAW TRUMPED BY the Constitution Section 4 of the 14th Amendment says, “The validity of the public debt of the United States…shall not be questioned.”

Dear GOP,

Default is unconstitutional.

The tea party usurpation would destroy the original point of the Constitution. The Founders would be shocked — though I suppose they long ago stopped rolling in their graves.

The Speech Obama Could Give: 'The Constitution Forbids Default'

Geithner Reads Directly From Constitution: Debt 'Shall Not Be Questioned'

Thomas Edison on Government Created Debt-Free Money

II. Debt can be eliminated by having the Treasury produce coins has the power to do it) and deposit such for paying the debt with the Federal Reserve


Obama can Direct TreasuryDept MINT to create platinum coin of $500 Billion. Direct the mint to deposit the coin in its account at the New York Federal Reserve. Direct the Treasury to “sweep” the mint's account to collect profits from coinage (this would result in marking up Treasury's account at the New York Fed by $500 Billion). Inform Congress and the public that the previous actions were taken to head off any possibility of default

US GOVERNMENT DOES NOT NEED TO BORROW MORE TO PAY DEBT Debt Limit IS IRRELEVANT "Coin Seigniorage" = US Government is the monopoly supplier of US dollars and yet our politicians go through life thinking the government will run out of money unless it can borrow more READ MORE: Coin Seigniorage and the Irrelevance of the Debt Limit

Alan Simpson: I knew Ronald Reagan and you, GroverNorquist , are no Ronald Reagan - Rejecting GOP absolutism on Revenue Increases. We have a revenue problem. GOP is wrong. Petition whitehouse to Stand Up to GOP! No More Cuts! Raise Taxes on Top 2%

Gallup Poll found that only 19 percent of adult Americans support raising the debt ceiling, while 47 percent are opposed and another 34 percent have no opinion. Ominously, by a three-to-one margin, independents oppose increasing the government’s borrowing ability.

Gop myth: increasing the government’s borrowing ability(increasing debt limit) is requesting another blank check for more spending ...

Fact: False, it is about paying accrued debt that must be paid because it is already owed. Not raising the debt limit does not forgive the already existing Debt. This should not be an issue, we have to pay what we owe..not negotiable on any conditions! Pollsters only ask people do you approve or not a raise of the debt ceiling but the people do not understand what it means...Americans have been duped with the Republican Myth.. Bernanke: absence of a deal would not stop the nation's debt from climbing. HAS TO BE PAID at higher interest Continuing to put the government on hostage taking strategies to do this or that else we don't do what is essential is again Republican arrogance. Legislation should be passed regarding essential government responsibilities unconditionally! Trying to implement Social Re-engineering as Newt recently claimed accurately should not be done in aspects of governing that are essential. Changing things with a "Machete" is not right. There are millions of citizens who would be affected by this type of arrogance.

Fact is that if the same people when asked about cutting essential services dear to them then they overwhelmingly reject it...the ambivalence on these results leaves a lot to be desired.

The Midterm Election in 2010 meant people needed jobs...and were misinformed about why the Obama administration had to put in force spending that would stop the recession, they were scared of this emergency spending not understanding it in great part because the administration and democrats failed to present the themes correctly. So they fall easily for the Republican myth mentioned above.

However today the environment has changed and there is voter remorse all over regarding Republicans. Hope Democrats and the President can take a firm stance against Republican Hostage taking and respond in kind and with the same energy to prevent them from destroying our nation.

Furthermore Conservatives are ideologically geared to follow Reagan's strategy of "starving the beast" Norquist obsession with reducing the government to nothing (the libertarian view) and Ayn Rand ideology of the "virtue of selfishness" and that any attempt to promote (enhance) the general welfare and provide for "domestic tranquility" thru the government social programs is unconstitutional... this mistaken conservative world view has to be fought against for it will destroy all of us..because of these ideological thugs we have a Revenue Problem now more than a Deficit Problem

Effects of not raising the Debt Ceiling by Congressional Research Service

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