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Housecleaning: So much for Petraeus 2016

This was fast: CIA chief Petraeus resigns, reportedly over affair

Looks like somebody in the West Wing is working down a list. I wonder what else is on it?

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... with his lingerie-clad girlfriend, but alas, I cannot.

Schadenfruede aside, human, alll too human. What was he thinking, and what was he thinking with?

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I was always afraid Petraeus could be our Julius Caesar. I suppose he still could, and his resignation could very well be the start of his own Gallic Campaign. But at least for the moment he seems slain. Maybe Obama saw a threat to his own authority?

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others are considered deep human tragedies.

DC insiders are reacting to the Fall of Petraeus (hoisted on his own petard?) as such a tragedy.

Atros noted this:

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Gossip And Tragedy

When some people have affairs it's good gossip, when others do it's a tragedy that we should all shut up about.

by Atrios at 11:24

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messages begging Broadwell to come back to him, description of sex under the desk....

Love? Lust? Dream of rejuvenation? She apparently called it off after he was appointed as head of CIA.

Disgraced former CIA Director David Petraeus exchanged a sexually explicit email about having sex under a desk with his mistress and continued to pursue her by bombarding her with thousands of messages even after she had broken off the affair it has been revealed.

The racy communications between the married four-star general and his lover, Paula Broadwell, were uncovered when the FBI began an investigation after they suspected corruption between the pair.


Sources at the FBI told Newsmax that the investigation of the former CIA boss began in spring of this year and that federal agents pored over his emails from that point and from when he was stationed in Afghanistan from July 4th 2010 to July 18th 2011.

Lots of photos. Even of Broadwell's husband, alas, now dragged into this media frenzy. Since Broadwell is a very good looking 40 year-old, coverage will continue for awhile.

Read more:

Using his own computers to send these private messages? What was he thinking? He thought he was immune from the NSA prying or FBI snooping?

Via comment at Empty Wheel, where Marcy notes the timeline for the affair is not pinned down as of yet.

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or he'd be in lot of trouble.

This is actually turning into an episode of Dr Phil -- now there's another woman involved somehow or other. Lovely people!

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But the stories are not squaring well. Paula Broadwell, per WaPo, sent the threatening emails to a woman "close to Petraeus," which is strange if she actually ended the relationship or wasn't responding positively to the general's entreaties.

Gettin' messy.

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First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, then you win. -- Mahatma Gandhi

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