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Huge Anti-Fracking Lobby Day in Pennsylvania State Capitol

On Tuesday, there was a rally of people from all over the state [#47] , who then went and sought meetings with their Legislators [#15]. They also attempted to arrange a meeting with Gov. Corbett, who would not respond.

"Crystal Stroud, a 29-year-old hair stylist from Towanda, quietly told the crowd she and her husband had signed a drilling lease and thought at the time it was a good thing. Then her hair started falling out, her hands trembling. Doctors gave her medicine for anxiety. Then she got worse, losing her sense of balance and slurring her speech.

She said on April 11 she got a call that tests of her water revealed dangerously high levels of barium as well as strontium, manganese, lead, methane and radiological materials.

Subsequent blood tests confirmed high levels of barium in Stroud’s body. "

"Sen. Jim Ferlo, D-Pittsburgh, was a featured speaker at the main rally in the capitol rotunda only a few minutes earlier. Ferlo told a roaring crowd of over 300 “We need a Marcellus Shale whiskey rebellion in this state!” — referring the first major constitutional test of George Washington’s government which was put down by federal troops. "


A nice report from the local (Fox!), Harrisburg area, news station, gives you a real feel of the size and energy of the group.

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I know Crystal in passing -- she and my youngest brother were in the same grade. You can listen here to Crystal interviewed by Susan Phillips of WHYY's NewsWorks Tonight.

One of the commenters at PennLive made a good point about those jumping on Josh Fox and the other protesters: if this were happening in Camp Hill or Dauphin County, they'd all be "hippie liberals." But as long as it happens in the rural counties, far from their own water supplies, they're free to call us names and shout "drill, baby, drill."

Protecting Our Waters
has more coverage of the protest, along with photos.

And a story I saw the other night while babysitting: a man in Lycoming County is fed up with the gas trucks and started a human roadblock.

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I know that you personally know more about what is happening.

I was supposed to go to this Lobby Day, but then I was not feeling well. But, I was happy to see how vigorous it was. I have been worried that people downstream - ie, the Delaware Valley, are not so aware - the general public that is.

I have a 'No Fracking Way' bumper sticker on my car and my neighbors have no idea what it means! However, once people know, they do care, I think.

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due to a simple brake job turning into a three-day adventure. From what I understand, they're going to hold another protest on July 20 and plan on sitting at the Capitol until they get a meeting with Corbett.

I have one of those stickers! They're great for starting conversations about fracking and why it's so dangerous for us all.