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Hugh via Yves Gets Quoted in a Counterpunch SCOTUS Smackdown

So I referenced a piece in NY Times Magazine article "Supreme Court, Inc" in a comment over at Naked Capitalism on Stoller's piece and Hugh gave the specifics of who voted for Alito, Robert, Thomas, and Scalia. Yves Smith at NC picked up on these comments and linked to the Jeffrey Rosen NY Times piece and wrote a post called "The Democrats Dubious Record on the Supreme Court". This piece is one of several used in a extensive William Kaufman piece over at Counterpunch called "Don't Worry about a Romney Appointed Court"

When you think you are whistling in the wind, sometimes it might turn into something. Stoller, Sirota, Kaufman, Ian Welsh, Yves, Lindhorff, Greenwald all are trying to destroy this "But but but the Supreme Court" meme. Sometimes blogging isn't so lonely.


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with a couple of newspaper pieces to substantiate it, regarding the SCOTUS being the most business-friendly in decades (both articles dated June 2011, which indicates that both Sotomayor and Kagan were "seated" during the session referred to in the articles.) And I clearly don't know a fraction of what the attorneys/writers that you've referenced know. Just what I read in the business section of the newspapers.

Frankly, it wouldn't surprise me if President Obama were to appoint a blatantly partisan Republican (or two) to the Court.

So, yes--the "SCOTUS appointments argument" is a ridiculous one.