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I Have A Plan...

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The situation as it stands:
Wall Street had been holding its breath, pricing in, and "banking" (betting) on an effective Stimulus Plan, and a new and sensible Bank Rescue Plan. Well, neither are happening, and now we've continued with our regulary-scheduled collapse.

Geithner is a total fucking schmuck, clearly unwilling to properly confront the real problems of his Banker-Buddies' greed, their unwillingness to be honest about the shittiness of their piece of the Big Shitpile, and unwillingness help their borrowers, and those others on the hook in order to help themselves (see Banker's Greed). So many better candidates for the roll, and it's too damned early in the Obama Administration to replace the pinch-faced piece of shit, dammit.

OK. Don't Worry. I have a solid plan to fix Geithner's epic failure.

Since Geithner has just proven that he has no clue as how to actually address the rising crisis-- outside of rewarding his rich buddies, setting palettes of cash on fire, and renaming the Paulson TARP to something more pro-actively vague-- I recommend the following supplemental plan, The Monkeyfister Reality Adjustment Plan Supplemental, MRAPS, if you will (and you just might).

MRAPS's general outline is as follows:

1. Ditch the re-named Paulson TARP.

2. Hire Nuriel Roubini and Joseph Stiglitz immediately as Co-Secretaries of Treasury, or Primary Treasury Advisers, or whatever works Constitutionally.

3. Follow their advice to the letter.

Secondary roles for Roubini and Stiglitz will be to alternate shifts sitting right next to Geithner 24/7:

-- Every time he comes up with another idea similar to today's plan, they will broad-hand slap him across the face, and tell him to, "Shut The Fuck Up."

-- Every time he tries to help his rich, failed, golfing buddies, and keep them from being punished as they should be, they will punch him square in the cock, and tell him, "NO!"

I think that this will provide very immediate and positive results.

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Submitted by Monkeyfister on

The new posting interface is SUPERSWEET.

I really like what you've done to the place.

You'll find a donation in the pot this evening, from me.


Submitted by lambert on

And please cross post more often. I like the last piece you did on what I'm calling hunkering down.

And more good changes to come, I hope.

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Submitted by Monkeyfister on

It's become a serious way of life for me over the past several years that we've all seen this coming. I went Hermit for a few weeks, lately.

I think I know the post to which you are referring, IIRC, It got a surprising amount of attention. Even Avedon posted it. SHOCK!

I've been sort of dormant, even at my own place, just watching the developments. Now, The NEW AMERICAN ORDER is clear. It's just the OLD AMERICAN ORDER, with a smiley face, and I don't think any other Democratic Candidate would have been any different to be honest, save for Kucinich.

All of the moves are too little, too late, and the repukes are going to fuck everything up as much as they can until we can pop Lieberman out in 2012 for starters.

I fear these next few years.

It's going to actually start getting bad THIS year-- past is only prologue-- and we won't see the rise from the trough until at least 2012/13.

Mark me on that. We won't see today's break-even until 2015/16.

I've been warning on this timeline for at least the past two years at my place.

TRIPLE the size of your gardens, folks, and start saving those seeds for next year. DO NOT buy your plants or seeds from any commercial joint-- ONLY GMO-FREE, non-hybrid suppliers, so thatthe seds you save will actually GROW next year. It is an imperative.


I've bloviated enough.


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Submitted by koshembos on

Why is anyone surprised? Geither, not an economist, ascent (Wikipedia) is basically one of a guy who rises through getting close to his superiors. He has no record of achievements, just a "he is smart' which is true about most of my neighbors as well.

While Bill C selected the best people he could find, Obama goes for the Daschle model, that is inept people that the Village loves.


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Submitted by Monkeyfister on

Your Vestigial PUMA Tail is showing.

I'm not about that, and I don't think that Hillary would have done much better, considering her placement in The Administration.

Kucinich would have done things differently, both like Hillary, he's not Preznit.

Stop living in the past. THIS is what we have to work with, and at least we have this to WORK with. It's NOT McCain.

No. I am NOT happy with Geithner. But Geithner is THE ISSUE I AM WRITING ABOUT.

Geithner was a BAD choice from the vast pool of better candidates, and i am DEAD SERIOUS about bringinging in Roubini and Stiglitz to Usurp Geithner's fuckeditudedness. They don't really need to bitch-slap and cock-punch him, just fit him with a ball-gag, and it will help, while they solve things.


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Submitted by koan on

Ok let me get this straight: so any passing reference, i,e. above, to good choices a former prez may have made, i.e. Bill C, compared to our those of our current Veneers In Chief, i.e. Geithner, is in truth nothing but a telltale spark of creeping Living In The Past / Helpless Hilary Worship / Vestigiality?

To be immediately and frantically stamped out? i.e. above?

Fist you undermine your credibility big with flameups like that. Fewer like this please.

Submitted by lambert on

1. I agree with MF that we go into The Big Shitstorm with the President we have.

2. I don't find slamming PUMAs useful or interesting. (Nor do I find the prospect of indentifying as as PUMA useful or interesting.)

The amazing thing with, say, recent Sirota's outburst of STFU-ism over at OL is that Hillary's 18 million are exactly the people he need to bring back into the party for the sake of his agenda; these are the people who really need government to work. But no. Same thing here?