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I just threw up in my mouth a little bit. Well, rather a lot, really.

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From TPM, emphasis mine:

A few hours after Rep. Dennis Kucinich switched his support to become a critical vote for the health care bill, he took to the House floor to ask wavering colleagues to join him. Astonished colleagues pointed to Kucinich (D-OH) darting from member to member on the House floor yesterday, saying privately they'd never seen him get so involved in whipping a vote.

It's not just progressives he's targeting to keep in the fold, it's everyone, a top Democratic aide told me. Members know that Kucinich - a staunch antiwar liberal long in favor of a single-payer system and often going out on a limb with his own agenda - is setting aside deep ideology to help get something passed. "It's a totally new dynamic. People are realizing he's doing it for history," the aide said.

I had been planning to write something about the toxic "right side of history" meme, an utterly cavalier way to cast the moral weight of abolition onto any chosen political agenda. So, there it is.

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and lost his job as mayor, standing against the power companies..and was proven right in the end, to the fiscal advantgae of those citizens. He could have done the same in regards to his stance on healthcare..I wonder what has changed? Is the Chicago machine that powerful and threatening? I mean, he was a guy who didn't care about losing his JOB, so what did they threaten him with?

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it's got strong-arm tactics all over it.

Instead of putting together and passing a good bill, and forcing Obama to take responsibility for killing reform by vetoing it, they've allowed Obama to make them responsible for a bill that I think most of them really hate, putting them in the line of fire when it fails. And now, they have the specter and the spectacle of Kucinich-as-Obama's-bitch to show them what happens when you get in Obama's way...I can hardly wait to see what happens when he makes his push to kill Social Security and Medicare.

What the hell does Obama care? People like him always land on their feet, always make money, and never give another thought to the damage they inevitably leave in their wake as they move on to the next ego-flattering, limelight-seeking venture.

At this stage, I have started to hope that Obama will fall victim to his own hubris, and it may be financial sector scandal that exploding like a rotting corpse that will bring him down. I figure huge Dem losses in November will set the stage for something ugly to suck up the remaining two years of the Obama presidency - Congressional paralysis on the rest of the Obama agenda may be our salvation.

How sick is that?

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with the truth, sisterkenney. We must trust our "gods" to make these decisions for us.

Nader said it well today on DN! to all who still harbored any illusions. "In the Star Spangled Banner, '...our flag was still there.' Well, what many considered to be their flag, [including texaslaborleftie at one time and not so many years ago] Dennis Kucinich, was no longer there."

Forming locals. Being watchful and ever alert for the C.E. Lively's among us. What passage was it that Moyer's quoted, "One person can do little, but two can provide each other with love....."


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they can't primary him, the filing deadline is gone. Also he has been in congress long enough to get a pension and health care, so he isn't worried for his own sake. it must have been something else.

which really creeps me out. Obama is really bad news.

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Can somebody show me anybody who's looking better after getting near him? I can't. There's a sort of dead zone of integrity and purposefulness that surrounds the guy.

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They move in and strip everyone around them of as much dignity and integrity as they can. They control organizations/families by making as many others complicit in their crimes as possible. It's exactly how Bush/Cheney operated.

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which is now the norm.

Now that the most liberal cave in as predicted, they (and thus all of us dupes who voted for them) are completely irrelevant for the remainder of O's term and beyond for the foreseeable future. There is no incentive for anyone to listen to the left at all, most especially in the Democratic party.

Tell me again how it is that I live in a democracy if I have no representative who will actually represent me?

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Once again the non-humanist pundits on Charlie Rose declared Obama did EVERYTHING he had to organize and pass this trojan horse horrible bill and BO deserves respect. No single payer advocate of course was within miles of the studio. And Larry O'Donnell did his victory lap since he on Olbermann's show was pushing Kucinich so hard he wanted his props for being MAJOR SELL OUT.

Amazing the most recent progressive sell-outs are the cruelest to the still unfallen messengers of truth.

Calling out the political gamesmanship. Morality or justice ... there is no room for in the conversation. Reality isn't even welcome.

Just a bunch of egos ... and all that respect for Obama... WTF???? Yes, O'Donnell said that this is the most ignorant bunch of Republicans evah in our Congress ... so why did the Dems not sweep the floor with those jerks? Instead they took their playbook and gave away their souls and our security.

We live in really really really scary times. The teebee is so not our friend. Now it is giving out all that free toxic kool-aid to the progressive class desperate for denial.

As for Kucinich ... I did not make calls last night in my monthly commitment. I spent last night mourning his loss as a leader.

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"People are realizing he's doing it for history," the aide said.

Patriots who voted for the Iraq war because the stain on them for voting against it would be just too hard to remove.