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I suspect Obama Fans are going to be very unhappy with Yves

Barack Obama, the Great Deceiver. Here's the conclusion:

Those of us who care about decency, the rule of law, constraints on corporate power, civil rights, and economic protections for the downtrodden have become complacent, and we are now reaping the bitter harvest of our neglect. Many of these protections seemed so fundamental that there has been a tremendous amount of denial over the speed at which they are being stripped from us. But these gains were not granted freely or easily by those in authority. They came about as a result of long, persistent, difficult campaigns. If we want to preserve the rights previous generations fought hard to win, we have to make this battle our own.

Needless to say, Yves does not run a blog that everybody hates and nobody reads. So this post is a big deal.

Now, many of us here at Corrente contributed strongly to the stream of critique that flows together in that post, both on the web, and in our daily practice, have been doing that for some years, and we will continue to do so. [collective pat on back to Corrente community.] But I'd say we are closer to breaking through to the mainstream, which is good. It really is going to be an interesting year, and though stressed beyond belief, I am still hopeful!

UPDATE I'll be very happy to see Yves shred Markos, if Markos debubble-izes himself and responds.

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Submitted by jest on

I could sense she has been biting her tongue on many issues, this being one of them. Though it has bubbled to the surface from time to time.

I think she may have chosen this current time since it's not really a secret any longer. Occupy's open frustration with him probably didn't hurt either.

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That post is all about Obama, not those who promoted him. Kos can safely ignore it. And I think that the Obots on Twitter will ignore it. Somehow the enforcer mechanisms that apply to Greenwald do not apply to Econosphere.

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Submitted by jinb on

Linked to Yves' article on FB and right off the bat a commenter/Obamabot w/o reading it (I HOPE), saw that it was a critique of Obama and said, "I never knew you were a secret republican," meaning me, not Obama.

They simply will not see.

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Submitted by tom allen on

I get Facebook likes from Republican guys I went to high school with (and with whom I was never particularly friends) when I link to articles from Yves or Lambert or other sites critical of Obama. Meh. I still think they're wrong about 99% of everything, but it's kind of amusing we're finally making common cause on something. :-P

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Ford is right. Defending Obama as “the lesser of two evils” isn’t merely letting him off the hook for his betrayals. Those who take that position are actively enabling his conduct. They are part of the problem.

Hedges and Yves are on a roll this week..

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Submitted by tom allen on

You mean like herpes, they go away and reappear every couple months, making relations difficult to conduct? :-P

Submitted by lambert on

... and transmission on contact!