If you have "no place to go," come here!

If non-violence is good enough for #OccupyChicago, why isn't it good enough for AdBusters?

I think the message AdBusters is sending here is pretty clear. Here's the response from a member of OccupyChicago.

What's fascinating to me is that there's no strategy suggested or even implied in the AdBusters post. Check the last sentence of the AdBusters piece:

What is different is that we’re being forced to acknowledge that autonomy is a core principle of the movement, for better or worse.

Note the lack of agency! Why are we doing any of this? Fee fees? Ego?

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its like Adbusters can sit there from the comfort of Canada and issue some ukase. Obviously they are stirring up trouble. I wish I could go to Chicago and assist them. There are people who can train demonstrators how to recognize trouble makers within your ranks and defuse trouble before it gets started.

Wow, I am just shaking with anger. Like Occupy doesn't have enough trouble without armchair activists encouraging violence.

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the difficult to follow sentences, a sure sign that the writer is up to no good.

Submitted by lambert on

I mean, I iike to think I'm up to good, at least on some days, and my sentences are long and complex. So, what do you mean, "convoluted"?

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from the wikipedia bio of kalle lasn:

He is the co-founder of Adbusters magazine and author of the books Culture Jam and Design Anarchy and is the co-founder of the Adbusters Media Foundation, which owns the magazine. He reportedly started Adbusters after an epiphany that there was something profoundly wrong with consumerism. It happened in a supermarket parking lot. Frustrated that he had to insert a quarter to use a shopping cart, he jammed a bent coin in so that the machine became inoperable. This act of vandalism was his first (quite literal) “culture jam" -- defined as an act designed to subvert mainstream society.

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And I wonder if the style shows that. I bet it does (because still shows everything....).

I'm looking for tells in the discourse; I wish to be able to dispose of great swaths of trollery in a single move...