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If Obama Wins the Election due to Sentiments Lingering from Sandy

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Sentiments that concern the role of government, however inaccurately he aligns with them, I have to conclude that some cosmic force wants him to be our President. Whether it's my God, someone else's god, or another sort of entity altogether, he's in the Oval Office because something's keeping him there. He's benefited from some pretty spectacular instances of good fortune in the past, but a fucking hurricane propelling him to a second term? That takes the cake.

Note that I do not imply his continued occupation of the Oval Office would be a blessing from said divine entity. I am reminded of the Old Testament account of the Babylonian Captivity, in which God sets the nation of Babylon against the kingdom of Judah as punishment for its sins, culminating in the dispersal of the Israelites from their native land. Perhaps, as Jeremiah Wright postulated, America's chickens are coming home to roost. From on high, at that.

This is just me looking at history my own way, of course, being a deeply religious person.

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The Gulf oil spill involved the negligence of a big oil company. Forceful response would have to address that negligence. Instead, it's all swept under the watery rug by a wealth-loving political and media establishment. The ongoing Gulf troubles are still not being addressed, but as you point out, no one seems to remember them, so I think Obama figured that he did just fine.

Hurricane response doesn't require holding any rich powerful persons responsible. Let's see if the "Gee, it's global warming" realization results in the cancellation of the Keystone Pipeline or any other Big Oil subsidy. I don't think it will.