If you have "no place to go," come here!

"... if something terrible happens to my husband or me we can see the best doctors ..."

And I'm happy for Digby, who just signed up for Covered California, and apparently got a good network. However, one could wish the last line of the post were not:

Huzzah. I think I'll eat something unhealthy now just for the heck of it.

but rather:

I wish everybody could have coverage just as good as mine is.

Fixed it for ya.

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Digby supported Obamacare in early December, when she wrote:

It's always been a little puzzling why the entire right wing is still so upset about the Affordable Care Act. No, they don't want government getting a good name by helping people. They hate the idea of subsidizing the less fortunate in any way. And they're afraid that the ACA might be a stepping stone toward single-payer.

Then she quotes Kos to explain why Republicans hate Obamacare, which basically asserted that Obamacare sticks it to the wealthy through FICA taxes. A ridiculous argument.
I never understood why writers like Greenwald think Digby is an astute blogger. She wrote that Obama's win in 2012 was a liberal victory, for heaven's sake. No wonder she likes Obamacare. It's a good deal for her and a good deal for Democrats.

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isn't a liberal, IMO.

But what "talking heads/pundits/mainstream writers" are?

The biggest shock to me since I started blogging two years ago, is that the Dem Party has so successfully "redefined" liberal--to mean "corporatist."

And that they mostly agree with the neoliberal policy that our DLC Establishment Dems ushered in [as Cujo says] "I've got mine now, so everything is OK".

Go figure . . .

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She has the choice of some good doctors in LA. But remember the stories about people who were really sick and actually needed doctors outside of LA? In California Exchanges, many of these networks are set up by county.

Her new plan is likely fine for common colds and broken legs. It's when she REALLY gets sick that it will possibly fall apart. And that is the way the insurers have gotten around the lifetime caps.

Also, just because you theoretically have doctor access, it doesn't mean you really do. It's not about how many docs are theoretically accepting a plan, but how many are accepting NEW patients on that plan. It's how many spots the doctors schedule allows for particular plans. If you're insured by Google's insurance, you might get to see the doctor soon. If you're insured on a poorly-reimbursing Exchange plan, it might be months. If you're on an HMO plan, your primary care physician might gate-keep you from seeing a specialist at all.

Cue the statistics. I honestly don't care what the spreadsheets say. I know people who schedule people. And I know people who try and see the doctor with particular plans. And the statistics have nothing to do with the mainstreet experience**.

**If you ask the statisticians, our economy is doing great!

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Another good one.

Here in Seattle, Polyclinic doctors are in network on the Exchange plans. These are some of the best doctors in Seattle. Hospital access is the problem. For instance, unfortunately, few or none of the OB/GYNs there have contracts with the hospitals that are in-network on the Exchange plans. I have no idea about the other specialties but would guess it's the same. Doctors have to limit which hospitals they contract with, because one of the requirements for contracting is being on-call at the hospital. They can't simply contract with multiple hospitals. So effectively, some of these specialists are ruled out because if you see them, they can't deliver your baby.

I hope I've hit home with the notion that having a nice list of specialists on your narrow network Exchange plan is not the whole story. You may or may not have access for the MOST CRITICAL care.

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Digby is in the Kos, Yglesias, and Josh Marshall mold. She was all on the remparts and yelling "Once more into the breach!" when Bush was President. But the instant a Democrat was in the White House, it became clear that all she was about was Democratic tribalism. Digby is what I call an Establishment liberal. She's for some minor reforms here and there but nothing that will seriously inconvenience, let alone challenge, the powers that be.