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When a US citizen crosses the border back into the United States, "2. (The Right To) Silence Is Golden.".

Oh, and I think I missed this one. Apparently, the Border Patrol can stop, question, and detain anybody within 100 miles of international waters, which includes most of the population, and they're doing it.

UPDATE Not to be foily, but it will be interesting to see whether the difficulties in leaving the country ratchet up any more from long lines and intrusive searches.

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Submitted by PA_Lady on

The patrol says that answering agents’ questions is voluntary, part of a “consensual and nonintrusive conversation”

Er, no. I experienced this first-hand in June, coming home on Amtrak from Moorhead MN. The train hits Buffalo very early in the morning, and I was awakened by some person asking where I was born. Apparently "huh?" is not the right answer, as he then began yelling for ID in Spanish and English.

Trust me, you don't have the choice not to answer. And, they will not answer any questions put to them about the reason they are checking citizenship on a train that crosses no international borders, or why they seem to be targeting only those who aren't white, other than to say, "Please sit down, ma'am." (Although after that, they will very carefully begin asking every single person's citizenship status.)

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into the US from the Canadian border to be within their jurisdiction. I'm not sure about the southern border. I predict that range will increase.

But the news tells us that border agents can demand access to and seize a person's laptop within that range, based on national security.

The Land of the Free just got a little smaller...and under a Dem prez who was a "Constituional law prof." (Sardonic laughter ensues.)