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I'm sure Hillary agrees: A Rhodes scholar beats a Rhodes caller any day

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(Crossposting what I wrote to the DU audience)

They all laughed... when I started my boycott.

Apparently, Air America's advertiser blinked when I deleted XM from my SkiFi channel list. That must have been it.

So will I stop boycotting Air America now? Fuck no.

Maybe Randi was the only one calling Hillary a "big fucking whore," but almost all of her peers share her penchant for non-stop trashing of the Clintons and the half the party that supports Hillary for president.

I don't begrudge the AAR jocks the right to prefer Obama, but I'll be damned if I'll listen to them catapult bullshit spin against one of two generally similar Democratic candidates while claiming to be the progressive network.

Suspending Randi is a good start, but not nearly enough.

And fuck you in advance for your post saying that Hitlery Klanton isn't really a Democrat. Just fuck you. She and Obama are centrists with practically identical voting records. I like her a little better, maybe more than a little. Deal with it. Disagreeing about things like that didn't used to be grounds for being made persona non grata in progressive forums. But thanks to the great Unifiers of the Obama base, that's what's happening at every turn.

All this crap that dehumanizes Hillary (calling her a bitch, whore, monster, zombie, and part of a machine), it's such a pathetic spectacle for the party I've been loyal to my entire life. Shame on Randi, and shame on all of you who play that game.

Note: If Axelrod sees my bad-pun title, it's only a matter of time until we start hearing about Bill Clinton's racism in accepting a scholarship started by Cecil Rhodes.

If so, I'm wondering what Rachel Maddow will have to say about that.

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is our Rachel, but she's a local gal with a good heart and so I don't hold that against her. Here she is (h/t C&L) up against Smokin' Joe Scarborough, who started spinning how wonderful McCain is:

JS: He refused to tell Tim Russert that he made a mistake voting against—he was one of two Republicans that voted against Bush’s tax cuts. Conservatives will tell you that two things that Bush did right…

RM: And then he changed his mind about them, Joe.

JS: No, he hasn’t changed his mind.

RM: He says he wants them to be permanent now…

JS: He told Tim Russert on Meet the Press in New Hampshire when his life…political life was on the line that he made the right call. He was glad he voted against them.

RM: And now he wants them to be made permanent. He is…He’s pandering to the right and it defies the media happy talk that they like about John McCain…

JS: Okay …whatever…

RM: …but how else to do you explain going after the John Hagee endorsement, going after the Rod Parsley endorsement…

JS: Okay…You know what? Let’s see, let’s see…the Democrats…

RM:…changing his mind on torture, changing his mind on the tax cuts…

JS: Rachel… Good lord…

RM: I’m sorry, but the facts don’t meet…don’t meet your storyline here, but the storyline ought to change to conform to the facts, rather than denying the facts.

JS: Rachel, if you compare, let me just say this. Compare the rigid ideological views of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton with the Democratic Party. The most progressive people in the Democratic Party. Compare that to what John McCain did with the Republican Party. There is no comparison. McCain has gone more towards the middle over the past four years than either of those two. That’s just the bottom line.

RM: That’s absolutely incorrect.

Blowhard Joe is used to running right over Mika, the look on his face when Rachel wouldn't back down was priceless.

Underneath that smart, testy butch exterior beats the heart of a highly intelligent, angry lesbian. Rachel having doubts about Hillary doesn't lessen my regard for her; made me go back and reassess, after which I'm more certain than ever that I'm right and she's wrong about H vs B, but it isn't enough to make me angry with her.

She does have a mouth on her but I'll put up with that even when it rankles and be grateful we have her on the tube at all.

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Submitted by bringiton on

Other than me and thee. Well, thee most of the time.

She has a mouth, and isn't afraid to use it. I can't expect everyone to be just as I want them to be, and yes some of the shots she takes at Hillary are cheaper than I'd like, but I give her an 95% approval rating on all topics and I believe she's honest and earnest.

On my list of people to loath - and it is a long one - she's not on it.

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Submitted by vastleft on

It's a matter of going along with a wrongheaded crowd. And by wrongheaded I mean Hillary-hating, not an informed preference for Obama.

We lefties kind of pride ourselves in not making that kind of mistake. Those who are doing it now -- with one of our own -- are quite disappointing to me.

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Submitted by Davidson on

A friend of mine pointed me to a Tennesse Guerilla post that says the Randi Rhodes event was organized by Obama supporters through his web site.

Listen, as hateful as Rhodes was I'm not going to blame Obama for this, but I can't help but imagine the hell Clinton would've gotten if the reverse were true. No wonder the crowd was so enthusiastically approving of the hate speech: for months now they've been part of a campaign that has been given a free pass, in which it's open season against Clinton (and, sadly, all women and girls).

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I don't blame Obama for his supporters' words because, you know, I'm not an Obama supporter so I don't think a candidate is responsible for every stupid thing a supporter says. And, yes, if Hillary had a supporter-organized event at which Obama was repeatedly called the n-word for laughs, it would be a major scandal. Sexism is never a scandal, apparently.

But here's a question - how much money did the event raise for Obama and is he going to keep it? I don't blame him for something he probably didn't know about. But now that he knows about it, what's he going to do?

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Submitted by Davidson on

When Clinton can't even campaign on her own behalf (i.e. daring to imply she's better) without being accused of "attacking" Obama, it's all but impossible for her. Damn, Bill is accused of being "Joe McCarthy" because he didn't praise Obama on equal terms as his own wife.

Regarding the event: I don't think it was a fundraiser for Obama. The site says it was to show Rhodes "love."

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Submitted by BDBlue on

Got it. It says "meeting". Sorry about that, it's still early on the West Coast.

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Submitted by Davidson on

Over at TalkLeft I totally misread a thread and scolded a person only to later realize it was snark. Sleep deprivation is killing me today.*

Oh, and one last point about the Rhodes event: Does phonebanking qualify as "official" Obama campaign activity? That's what they publicized they were going to do. In "Obamagear."

*Sadly, I couldn't sleep last night due to work...and excitement over Battlestar Galactica, which will be online in less than half an hour. Lord help me--my geekiness knows no bounds!