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Indiana legislators leave state

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yes! looks like method [#150] is spreading. good.

we really do seem to have some dems who don't suck, at least at the non-national levels. i'm hugely in favor of lefty third parties and lefty independent candidates, but it's dems like these who make me think there might possibly maybe be some hope for salvaging the democratic party too.

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If you want to edit that into the NV post, feel free. You have the power, as a contributor (not even as admin). There's no button though; look at the HTML markup to see how it's done.

NOTE I tag NV numbers only when the tactic is used, and not merely discussed.

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and not to be relied upon, but even at the best of times i really would rather not have the responsibility of editing any other posts but my own.

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But I can't find an equivalent post or comment for WI. Do you remember one?

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To that report. I never thought I'd see such vitriol towards teachers. These people just don't get that Reaganomics made their once good salaries now lower than a teacher's pay. It's not that teachers' pay is too high, it's that everybody's wages except a small group have stagnated.
I remember when people felt superior to teachers because of their poor pay.

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I was at lunch with coworkers the other day, and FOX was on the TV, and they had a graph showing teacher's salaries, vs private sector salaries in WI, and the guy at the table next, started grumbling, "Teachers make $18,000 more than other people in that state." I responded, loudly, "Yeah, the bad in that situation, is that teachers make TOO much, not that everyone else makes NOT ENOUGH."

I have really reached my tolerance levels with short sighted, narrow minded fools.

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"Our democratic institutions call for us to participate. That's why I'm asking the missing senators to come back to work. Do the job you were elected to do," Walker said.

So far as I'm concerned, the Ds are doing their jobs. And about time, too.

Walker seems to have gotten "playing by the rules" (withholding a quorum) with "do what I say." Authoritarian.

NOTE Hats off, however, to the public relations person who got Walker's radio speech described as an FDR-like "fireside chat." That's as disgusting as... Well, as disgusting as if Obama had the effrontery to do the same thing.