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Irony lives: Chris Matthews says Hillary has been tough on the media

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Pass me that bucket, wouldja Lambert?

I'm trying to get through this week's "Real Time with Bill Maher," but the interview with Chris Matthews made me start mainlining Maalox... and that was before Lord Kos showed up and convinced me that life is not worth living.

I can't find video of the Matthews interview on HBO's website, but I'm sure the segment will be prominently featured in the Museum of Shit, provided that they can build a large enough room for it.

While discussing Obama's seeming unease with regular Joes, Tweety said:

If you're a Democrat, and people don't think you're going to look out for the other guy, you're finished because you're not going to win on law and order and national security and all that stuff.


You walk into a diner, one of these things where the grumpy old men are hanging around because they don't want to be home with their wives....

Maher noted that Matthews has been criticized for being sexist. He responded...

Oh, thank you for that. Why don't you put that in the bloodstream again? Get that out there in the water. They got a little propaganda out there. Who's criticized me, Hillary? Who's done this? [Maher says that she has.] She's got a problem with a lot of us. [Maher asks what he means by us: "Media? Men?"] Well, not Media Matters, they're on her side. No, media people, I think. I think she's been tough on the media.

Matthews, in his infinite generosity, goes on to say her campaign has made her look worse than she actually is.

Maher asks, "But don't you think she has a point that gender has actually been a bigger factor in this campaign than race?"

Tweety replies:

No, actually there are more women Democrats than there are male Democrats. That should help her, shouldn't it?

Maher responds: "Hmm, OK. Why is she doing better with Catholics? You're a Catholic."

Faced with a fact that is favorable to Hillary, Matthews makes a clean break from the concept of linear thought (a big sacrifice for him, I know):

That's a great one, that is a great question. She's 65% percent in Pennsylvania right now against 26%, I'll bet she goes up to 70, 75. I think that's just another word for, you know, Catholics, small towns, middle class, I don't know, I can't quite explain it. I don't know the answer to that, Bill, I can't help you. [Maher muses about "stumping" Matthews, and then the Hardballer continues.] Let me find an issue that you agree with the Pope on here, you're both against the war in Iraq. Catholics are generally against the war in Iraq, and Hillary voted for it. Maybe that would be a logical reason, I'm not sure it is the real reason, but that would make sense.

Shorter Chris Matthews: Since I can't account for HRC's popularity with salt-of-the-earth types, I'll gratuitously and incongruously bring up her AUMF vote.

OK, now time to press "play" and see if I can make it through all of Markos's stint on the panel. I think I'm gonna need a bucket brigade.

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Submitted by leah on

It was one of those truly bad kind of jokes he makes a lot of the times, reprising what had been said better and way to often all during the week. I can't even remember what it was - something about Tusla, I say can't remember.

I'd wanted to watch to see how Kos comported himself, but just couldn't do it.

If anyone has HBO, Maher's show is repeated endlessly during the week.

Tell you what, VL, I try again and see if I can get some of the Kos and Matthews stuff down.

At this point, even though I voted for Obama, and I still have a slight preference for him as a candidate, I'm so mad I hope Clinton crushes him in Pennsylvania, but I'm not letting myself expect it.

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Submitted by myiq2xu on

that so many of the "reliable" lefty types turn into complete bozos when it's about Hillary or Hillary vs. Obama?

Is misogyny pandemic? This election is bringing out some really nasty skeletons from the American closet.

"Real ponies don't oink" - Patrick McManus

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Submitted by vastleft on

Surely not Chris Matthews.

Maher clearly sides with Obama and has said some nasty stuff about Hillary, but he does sometimes raise questions that few others in the media stream do, such as the ones he asked Tweety. I wish he'd followed up on some of the nonsensical answers, but that's what you get when the better analysis comes from comedy shows than the news shows.

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Submitted by myiq2xu on

He hasn't been a lefty since he worked for Tip O'Neill.

Maher is more of a fauxgressive, and you gotta wonder about a "lefty" who would date Ann Coulter.

I was really referring to the "K" boys. KO, DK, and WKJM.

"Real ponies don't oink" - Patrick McManus

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Submitted by Fredster on

phenergan and whatever other anti-nausea meds you can find.

I saw part of the opening monologue and then saw he had Tweety coming up. I clicked the clicker to something else. Then I clicked back once or twice more sorta like when you drive by a car wreck; can't help it.

Thank God the times I went back M.M. was never speaking. Had it been so I probably would have had some major hurling going on.

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Submitted by gqmartinez on

is why Matthews is pushing so hard for Obama. I get the feeling that if Hillary is gone, he will no longer have an audience or a job. I doubt people will like to look at the thrill up his leg for very long. Really, how long will his sexually ambiguous fascination with Obama and McCain be palatable? I'm all for live and let live, but even I get a little annoyed with teenagers who feel the need to suck face in public to look cool.

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Submitted by Stellaaa on

This is what I heard him say:
1. He said that : "Hillary says voters are not bitter that they are hopeful. "
2. Then he goes on to defend that they are bitter.

WAIT: I thought Obama was for hope, these folks don't get hope or not allowed to be hopeful? Or am I just bitter.

When we are dolling out emotions who gets bitter and who gets hope if Obama is President?