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It is all about the Kleptocracy

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An Infrastructure Bank is nothing more than a way to funnel money to Obama's cronies. It will be created in such a way to take power away from democratic institutions and empower unaccountable elites.

If it was just a matter of rebuilding our infrastructure, Obama would create a public works program (which would be popular) and have done with it. This is just a pretext to make his cronies rich.

If you took Bush 43 and gave him brains and a work ethic you would have Vladimir Putin. If you took Putin and gave him looks and charm you would have Obama. Obama is a really horrible president.

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Looks and charm are in the eye of the beholder. Maybe because I watch very little political TV and get virtually all my news through reading, I've always missed Obama's charm. He reads like a platitudinous class valedictorian. But I've also missed his work ethic. Again, I don't spend much time on the personal attributes of politicians, but I have the impression that he gets impatient and tells underlings and advisors to take care of the details, that he's a reasonably intelligent front man rather than a hard worker.

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I've never seen Obama's charm.

Perhaps "genuinely contrived charm" might work as a copy edit.