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Is It Safe?

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Hoss makes a good point about this utterly devastating critique from Digby on yet another shitstain excuse for a piece of journalism, but I'd like to make a gooder point, if I may. I actually suffered to read Nooner's entire article, and what struck me was the completely self-absorbed tone and perspective she employed. Which isn't really surprising unless like me you tend to avoid that sort of writing, but still, what does Pegster really mean when she says "Bush kept us safe?"

Surprisingly, even the comment boards at the WSJ took her to task for such a ridiculous and willfully blind assertion of facts screamingly in evidence to the contrary. But she wasn't really talking about "safety" and "national security" in the way that you and I do. She was talking about how Bush has kept Villagers and the very wealthy safe...from us.

If you can stomach it, follow the link at Digby's (I won't give the WSJ linklove here) and read the piece and see if you agree with me. It's all there. Sneering condescension for the new "oh my god he's black!!1!" president who can't possibly be smart enough to govern without the advice and consent of the Village on account of his race, the usual hatred for HRC and her lack of membership in the Kewl Kidz club, the casual dropping of elites status and invitation to the 'right' parties, and most importantly for me, a soulful review of the material culture of her world, in the form of people's (read: people like her) homes. Ah, how I miss being so close to McClean and all those monstrous, sprawling megahomes that would've made Scarlett O'Hara blush, after she married Rhett for his money.

But Noonan's pride and defense of Bush are telling to me, for they reveal what it is she really fears: masses of angry, didn't-go-to-the-right-Ivy, showering after work DFHs and Flyover rubes, beating down her doors in angry mobs, demanding a return for all the money her class has stolen from us, and acting in full command of the rights they've taken away from us. Noonan knows that Terraists will never darken any doorstep that only she and her kind may enter freely. But now that Bush is finally leaving, her nervousness is increasing. Like so many wingers, I have no doubt she sits around in frenzied masturbation, mentally and perhaps otherwise, daydreaming of "Red Dawn" scenarios and "24" episodes, safe in the knowledge that her Hero Bush and the rest of the Terror Warriors will keep her Village cocktail parties Free, just like the Constitution says they should be. But that time is coming to an end, and when she relates the question of Republicans at her party "are still we important?" she really means "do we still have the clout to keep them from coming after us for all our crimes? I'd like to say, "No, It is not safe." We'll see if I get that chance

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Sir Lawrence Olivier as the scariest dentist ever.

Basically, as one of digby's commenter's says, Noonan's "us" Bush kept safe isn't like, you know, me and you and the rest of folks. You may be onto something.

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would you like them on a plate, or in a nice bag made from the skins of republican criminals?

feh, i'm not 'onto to something,' so much as sadly well practiced at reading between the lines of rethug scribbling. they project so blatantly, are so obviously racist and sexist and closeted, so oblivious to the reality that you and i share, and frankly, so tired and given to recycling disproven memes (atrios' point) it's like shooting fish in a barrel. there's no skill or special insight needed. but thanks.

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For a moment I am happy and planning what I will do with my quatloos. And then I am sad again.

I am a fool. I tell myself there is no way these people mean what they're implying---or even just coming right out and saying. And yet there it is, big as life and twice as natural.

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it's the best revenge against those who would destroy us. esp as queers, we've always got to remember that. deep down, i think rethugs and haters hate because they are so unhappy.