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It's all about the rents, part one million and eighteen

Use plastic, get surveilled. With no warrant, bien sur.

Oh, and "plastic" includes supermarket "loyalty" cards.* Yes, the goverment is tracking supermarket loyalty cards.

So that's all the thanks you get for enabling the rent seekers! As we keep saying:

1. Get off the bankster's grid, and avoid plastic whenever you can. Why pay the fee, and especially why pay the fee and be surveilled?

2. Get off the corporate food chain, and buy local. Why risk e. coli, all for the sake of eating bio-engineered food-like substances full of weird chemicals, when you can buy locally, eat better, and help build a sustainable infrastructure?

As we keep repeating.

NOTE * I always thought that "loyalty card," as a phrase, was Orwellian. But I didn't think it was this Orwellian.

NOTE Via Susie, who's hot today. And every day.

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But point taken.

The banksters' various plans for fees for using plastic at retail constantly morph to stay ahead of legislative remedies, and disproportionately screw small businesses (Surprise!) - which airlines and car rental companies are not. I can understand small shopkeepers giving the banksters a cut of their income if the alternative is that a potential customer simply won't spend, say, $200 cash on dinner or a scarf, but every freakin' stupid $5 transaction at the corner store? Really?

For me, I'm far less concerned with being tracked than I am with having that cut of my economic activity skimmed off the top by processors and banks, even if it doesn't cost "me" a thing because I pay off in full every month. I'm too skeered to join the December 7 run on the banks, but this extortion thing they have going now with retail and plastic (debit/credit) has been making me sick for months.