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It's the corporate state, stupid

BoA blocks payments to WikiLeaks, along with MasterCard, PayPal, Visa Europe...

Does anybody else think that BoA's serial bailout ripoffs, executive looting, and enthusiastic participation in mortgage fraud (and MERS) just might have something to do with wishing to keep the public record carefully sanitized? Especially since Astange's next round of -- oh, let's just go ahead and call it investigative journalism -- concerns BoA?

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Submitted by jawbone on

Credit unions, small or at most regional banks, folks. Get out of any of the Big Banksters. Let them revert to investment banks, with no chance to loot the little people.

BTW, could a big bank decide that its principles don't permit it to allow funds to go to, oh, a competitor? A credit union? A politician viewed as not supporting the bankster's objectives? A political party viewed as dangerous to its bottom line? That would slow down fundraising!

"The Handmain's Tale," with currency replace by plastic, then women not allowed access to their own funds as their cards were made inoperative, is not so far off what can be done by an oligarchy.

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Submitted by twig on

and it was exactly like closing an AOL account back in the olden days. What should have been a simple five minute process took half an hour or more. The banker kept asking what she could do to keep me as a customer. How about a safety deposit box, special no-fees ATM card, overdraft something or other, low-rate refi (!)?

The rats must be bailing out in record numbers, because she seemed truly desperate to keep a pretty small-time customer.

Submitted by lambert on

First, they could stop stealing peoples homes.

Then, they could go confess their crimes to the Justice Department and beg the American people for mercy.

Finally, they could break themselves up into the speculative division and the boring division, and turn the boring division into a regulated public utility.

"And if you just have some stationery, I'll write this up for you...."

I could never do this, of course... I wouldn't stay calm if I conquered my diffidence. But it's pleasant to think of.

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Submitted by twig on

giving her my list of "demands" in exchange for keeping my tens of dollars in the bank. Actually, she probably would have closed the account a whole lot faster if I'd done this!

Submitted by Hugh on

BoA was just doing its civic duty. The fact that it's a criminal enterprise that has been robbing its customers blind for years and this was about to be exposed had nothing to do with its decision, nothing at all. I'm surprised and disappointed that you would make such a claim. /s