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I've got goosebumps! Obama mentioned *me*!

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Barack Obama just gave a shoutout to "little single-payer advocates"! It really made me feel like somebody.

Just like at his inauguration, when he tacked "non-believers" onto a list of American sorts — after a benediction, an invocation from a gay/women/science/atheist-hating asshole, a quote from scripture, malarkey about God-given rights, and a campaign with countless sops to Bible-thumpers and played in the key of religion from beginning to end. Obama mentioned me, therefore I am!

He's made a point to acknowledge all of us "latte-sipping, New York Times-reading, Volvo-driving, no-gun-owning, effete, politically correct, arrogant liberal(s)," us "Chablis-drinking limousine liberals," who "seem to value rights and entitlements over duties and responsibilities."

If you think he hasn't been talking about me and people like me -- people who believe that the greatest communicator since Aaron should, during the greatest economic upheaval since the Great Depression, show some, y'know, leadership on populist issues like health care (instead of, y'know, letting the insurance companies write his plan for him) -- then you're wrong. He's made it quite clear that he knows we exist and what he thinks of us: "I'm talking to you liberal bleeding hearts out there...."

When you get down to it, would you rather have John McCain insulting the shit out of you and your values or Barack Obama insulting the shit out of you and your values? I, for one, have never been more proud to have voted for the Democrat!

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think how much more fun it will be when Obama finally signs a single payer bill. Ronald Reagan signed the sanctions against apartheid South Africa and a time will come when Obama signs single payer. Hee hee hee.

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I like that Reagan signed the South Africa sanctions.

My view is that "health care reform by June" (for some definition of reform) is only meant to rush us into a bad solution -- Shock Doctrine tactics. So, if passes. We just start ripping it to shreds and pushing for the science-based solution. Sasketchawan wasn't built in a day...

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Submitted by vastleft on

How do you like "rusty pony"? Sounds like a good drink for liberals, for when the Chablis runs dry.

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But I think we've got two separate drinks, here.

I can't see a STFU being made from scotch and Drambui. And then there's the pink aspect (from My Little Pony).

Besides, shouldn't a STFU involve... bitters? With a twist?

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I always saw McCain has the better win for the Democrats (much like the Republicans saw foisting this mess of on Dems as the better win for them) because in four years, we would have an open primary and have a real shot at getting a genuine liberal in the White House. This way, it's eight years either way before we have any subtantial hope of good leadership. Very sad.

Well, we got through the depression for all those years. We'll get through this as well.

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have hives? Or the creeps?

I've been trying to decide whether being allergic to Obama makes a person say "fuck you" all the time, because that's what happens lately whenever I read or hear what he says, about pretty much everything.

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Submitted by DCblogger on

vastleft, you have to learn to stay away from DU.

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Submitted by DCblogger on

it means that they have moved from ignoring us to ridicule. Fighting comes next and I hope the Healthcare Now! coalition has a strategy for that.

Submitted by jawbone on

indicates strongly that he has no passion for the so-called "public option." He campaigned on it, promised it--but is now going to be the Good Centrist and go all "pragmatic" and will not put political capital into getting it into law.

There are things Obama cares about, and his body language reflects that. With the public option, it's not there. He's just not into that. No one mentioned the patronizing, condescending dig to "little single payer advocates" at his NM appearance. But both actual words and body language are in synch on this subject.

Looking back, it's not just the language, such as "little single payer advocates" and "liberal bleeding hearts," but, yes, his body language. Just compare Obama talking about the glorious future of digitized medical records with how he looks talking about any actual coverage for health care. My mental image is of two very different enegy levels. He really is engaged in talking about those medical records. Wow!

Add his having to be pushed and pushed during the Dem primary to come out strongly for a public plan, well...says it all.

Oh, and no administration people show any enthusiasm for the public option in their body language, per Cummings.

Woman caller to program just said that if the Dems don't do public option that is genuine the public will go batshit crazy angry mad. Now Cummings is sayng that she didn't indicate Obama wouldn't do something about public option; he just won't lead and fight for it. There's a great deal of oppostion to a public plan, and Obama would gladly sign a bill without it, would not fight it. Then, if people got angry enough, he might try to get the public option -- later.

So, she said, if people want public option now is the time to make calls.

McManus says Obama has said Big Insurers have already promised to offer insurance to those currently turned down. No mention of cost, so maybe people won't be able to afford this new largess from the private insurance companies.

The Serious MCMers on the show, Chris Cillizza, Doyle McManus, and Cummings appearing on the Diane Rehm Show today, first hour, all agreed that Obama' does spectacular flip-flops, but it's all good Pragmatism. It's all good. May PO his liberal base, but, hey, he's a Good Centrist.

For them it's not 11-dimension chess; it's just good politics. The successful pol does and says what's needed to get elected and into power. Once in power, the successful pol does what he wants. Kinda like BushCo.... It's the Village view of Washington.

(McManus is also sure the taxpayers will make a profit on the trillions going to Big Bankster Boiz and other bailout recipients. Okaaaay. Or maybe it was just TARP? Any Correntians have access to Lexus-Nexus to get these high cost transcripts?)

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Submitted by dblhelix on

OFA is on a big fundraising push, which according to accounts I've read, will even lead to "election style" campaign offices opened to promote Obama's health care plan -- whatever it might be.

I received a solicitation. Return on the envelope reads "President Barack Obama" and above my address, is a "Dblhelix, can I count on you?"

From enclosed letter: "With your help, OFA volunteers and activists will carry our message to living rooms, coffee shops, front porches and community centers all over this great country of ours.


I urge you to act right now by making a contribution of $$ to the DNC in support of OFA. Thank you so much for standing with me at this most crucial moment."

Next, an insert:

"President Obama started his career in public service as a community organizer in Chicago. Now, we need you to join with the President and become a member of OFA."

Get started today!

Sign the OFA pledge

Call your Representative in Congress and ask them to support President Obama's agenda.

Ask your friends and family to sign the OFA pledge.

Find other OFA members in your area.

Share your experiences by creating and managing a personal blog (at OFA).

Host a House meeting to support PBO's bold agenda.

Paid for by OFA, a project of the DNC. This communication is not authorized by any candidate or candidate's committee.

And of course, the "O" logo, with OFA at the bottom and "DNC" in the middle.

It's pretty clear that the strategy is to attain critical mass for "Obama's agenda," without specifying what that might be -- which gives him latitude to sign just about anything.

This is a "you will be billed in convenient installments ... later" type solicitation. I think it's important to interact with OFA types to explain that no support for an agenda-less agenda is possible.

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Submitted by gqmartinez on

I take the opposite view of DCBlogger. Most of what we are seeing is very bad news. Obama has spent a lot of money campaigning and branding himself as Mr. Change and "reform", but really isn't. Attaching his name to the insurance lobby's plans means that real reform won't happen, but rather something probably worse than before will get branded and labeled as "change" and "reform". And the V2M and the OFB will run with it.

I see very little good coming out of this. I do hope that DCB is correct, but I think the better avenue is to hit the rank and file congresscritters and continue to challenge the Obama/insurance lobby rhetoric.

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but I think the better avenue is to hit the rank and file congresscritters and continue to challenge the Obama/insurance lobby rhetoric.

There is a danger in falling into the "single-payer vs public option" trap that's been put out there. By mentioning the "wee ones," the glassy-eyed OFB counter with "See? You have a seat at the table! Quit your complaining."

It's like the primary all over again -- getting caught up in the HRC supporters v BO supporters while the machine keeps rolling along.

First of all, the product is already gift-wrapped for us. Now it's just a matter of figuring out how to sell the product, hence the consumer behaviorists and nudge-nudgers on staff at the WH.

The "public option" will be, at best, a private plan stamped "Public Option." Who are we kidding?

Those grasping that last reed of hope -- the "Progressive Coalition" standing firm on a robust public option probably haven't noticed that Ms. Pelosi and her best bud Jack Murtha seem to have fallen on some hard times lately, while Mr. Hoyer looks like the cat who swallowed the canary.

I think Pelosi is now at the mercy of other Democrats -- see, I don't think she wants to chat about 2002 under oath. Even if she remains Speaker, she's done.

Getting patted on the head by BO is a waste of time. Fine, if his administration doesn't want to discuss Medicare for All as a serious policy option, I am more than happy to talk about why what is being proposed seriously undermines health care for all. It's up to those who defend his proposal to actually come up with a detailed plan in writing.

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I'm in MD. Not exactly sure what you mean by blackmail plan, unless you mean the solicitation to either support Obama/OFA or not support Obama/OFA. That's why I say this is like the primary all over again -- some sort of loyalty test, since I'm not given any specifics on *what* it is I'm supposed to be supporting except "Bold Plans to Secure America's Economic Future." O.K., what are these bold plans?

All it says under Health Care is "Comprehensively reforming health care so that families, businesses, and government are relieved from the crushing costs that impede economic growth and prosperity."

In the letter:


"I have acted on the economy, health care, energy and education with the knowledge that a 'business as usual' approach will not serve our nation.

Now, you and I must act with the understanding that it will take exceptional energy and effort to mobilize public support for our plans. (Yes, Barack, but what are "our plans?")

That's why I'm urging you to make a decision right now to support a fundamentally important initiative beging put together by the Democratic Party.

Organizing for America is a coming together of people from every corner of our nation. Folks who understand just how much is at stake are working side-by-side and asking "What can I do to lift America up?"


Bold/emphasis is their's -- note that OFA is emphasized while Democratic Party is not ...

So I'm supposed to call congresscritters to tell them nothing more than to support Obama's "bold agenda?" Join OFA? Send money now?

I'm not on the OFA email list, but this was sent out:

Your contribution to our healthcare campaign fund is the vital first step that will enable us to hire the staff, open the local offices, train the volunteers, design and place the ads, and put all the other pieces in place we need to execute this urgent plan.

Call me crazy, but I can't support Obama's "urgent plan" until I know what it is. Preparing to be called a hater, round two (I supported HRC in the primary).

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Submitted by dblhelix on

anticipation on your part.

Well, the mindshare comes first. The rest will come later.

We're looking down the jaws of rest/later.

It's going to be just like the primaries, except slower and more painful.

Yup, my thoughts exactly.

I can't wait for these OFA drones to hit my door. I'm going to demand to know what the plan is. Such a novel concept -- except we already know the answer: trust BO. That's when I hand them the article on his "health reform" efforts in Illinois from the neat stack next to my door.

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Is that the groups initials are the same as the campaign's, which was Obama For America. I thought it was Obama For America when I first read the anagram, not Organizing For America.

If I notice that, I think I some of his more diligent supporters might make the connection as well, and act accordingly.

Submitted by hipparchia on

it's the same organization.

they wanted to keep the masses energized post-election, so they've made ofa into a quasi-community-organization effort now.

Submitted by lambert on

I looked for the text of that letter online, and couldn't find it. It seems like it would be an interesting document to have.

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Submitted by dblhelix on

try to get it done this weekend.

I just noticed something interesting -- the color flyer tells me to go to, not

If you go there, you'll see "Organizing for Health Care" as the lead.

If you click on "learn more" -- you get to the pledge:

I support President Obama's three principles for real healthcare reform, and I call on Congress to enact a plan upholding them in 2009.

The three principles:

* Reduce Costs — Rising healthcare costs are crushing the budgets of governments, businesses, individuals and families and they must be brought under control
* Guarantee Choice — Americans must have the freedom to keep whatever doctor and healthcare plan they have, or to select a new doctor or healthcare plan if they choose
* Ensure Affordable Care for All — All Americans must have quality and affordable health care

Now we have to show Congress where the American people stand.

Well, there's your policy, LOL.

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those horrible "insurance plans" with humongous deductibles AND high monthly rates that he or she has to resort to bcz of a preexisting condition. Can't recall how I mixed the two of up. Wrong thread, wrong person.

Easily Distract's "insurance plan" is the BHIP's (Big Health Industry Playahs) wet dream of what mandated universal offerings would allow them to do. $16K of scam and blackmail.

The plan costs Easily Distract $700/month for a total of $8,400/year, but there is no compensation until the victim, er, insured, racks up $7,500 of deductibles. Some of these sick insurance companies figure the deductible at the rate the insurance company has negotiated with the doctor/hospital/lab, but the victim has to pay the full boat rate. The victim, er, insured, pays actually far more than the $7,500. The victim pays retail for a prescription; the insurance company grants the vic only the discount rate as going toward the deductible.

It's part scam, part blackmail.

The blackmail part comes from our dysfunctional health care/insurance system. If the vic doesn't have any insuranne, then he or she can be wiped out by an illness or accident. If the vic has nothing, that's one thing. But if the vic has a middle class life, the pressure is on to be "responsible," to ensure one has coverage for the Big Catastrophe.

So, I call those plans blackmail.

Pay $15,900 or more per year, then have to pay 20% of anything actually covered by the insurance company. Such a deal...for the insurance company.

That's why I wondered why the commenter lived. But it was Easily Distract, not dblhelix. And that's why you have no idea what I meant by "balckmail."

So, dblehelix, oops and sorry!

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Submitted by dblhelix on

MD also has a state plan for the uninsurable. See here. It doesn't appear to be as evil as EasyDistract's state, but I can't vouch for it as I don't know anyone with direct experience.

EasyDistract -- if you're out there, you can get to the rate card by going to 'Overview' first, and then 'Premium Overviews.'

Submitted by hipparchia on

florida has a high-risk pool for those who are otherwise uninsurable. it was closed years ago, and through attrition is now down to 329 people.

Submitted by Anne on

for about two years, and it was affordable for her - well, for me because I was paying the premiums. At the time - and this was two years ago - I think the monthly premium was less than $150/month.

The older you are, the more expensive it is, but she really did not have any problems with the coverage at all. She even had surgery for endometriosis (after a lot of tests and doctor visits) that was covered at 80%, as I recall.

Submitted by Anne on

from Obama, the DNC or any of the other suck-ups who sold out and now want to slither into my bank account:

(1) cut every single piece of paper they sent me into little pieces and mail the resulting confetti back on their dime.

(2) take a wide tip permanent marker and scrawl, "when hell freezes over," and mail every single piece of paper back to them.

It's been a while since I've gotten any mailings from Obama or the DNC, so maybe they finally got the hint.

I will not be herded into submission, bamboozled out of my hard-earned money, or okey-doked into carte blanche.