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Jean-Luc vs. Annakin Skywalker

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Because it can't be about politics all the time. Not really ubergeek, seeing as how the subjects are so mainstream, but still, a clever and amusing use of you tube.

It would be fun to do a "Women of Star Wars/Trek" version of this. Ah, the possibilities...sorry, my mind is overly interested in pr0n this afternoon.

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Very nice work in fact. A little limpy on the storyline, particularly at the end...although I kinda always wanted to hear Picard say "Let's get the hell out of here!" and do not recall him ever having done so.

I guess either he did at some point and I've forgotten (I do remember Capt. Kirk saying those exact words, but never wateched ST:TNG with nearly the concentration, nor repetition, that I did TOS) or they have a hell of a voice dubber.