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John Timoney: the notorious police chief sent to reform forces in Bahrain

I thought I heard this on the news the other night (his name was not used), but could hardly believe what I heard. Needed to hear it again - then I looked it up.

I was a bystander at the 2000 Republican National Convention. It was Friday evening and by then practically the only people around center city were the police, the demonstrators and the news media. I was coming from work, saw police cars that were vandalized and decided to stick around and see things. The police were sweeping the area. They would fan out and keep moving. A few times, demonstrators advised me that I should get out of the area or I might get caught in it. I actually did have a concern that I could get arrested while having done nothing at all.

This is not the kind of thing happening now in Philadelphia, so I think there are several elements - including who is mayor, and who is police chief. Well, also, the Republicans were in town back then. Ha. Question: Did the police tactics back then 'invite' the vandalism? Are Occupiers a different breed? I am inclined to think the former. If the police and demonstrators take the attitude that they can work together in some way, can negotiate, things go much better for everyone.