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Joke Line lets the Versailles (and career "progressive") health care agenda out of the bag

Joe Klein, in a parenthetical aside on the Oil FAIL, mentions Obama's successes and future plans:

The truth is, the Administration has a mixed record at the moment. It has achieved historic success with its economic responses to the Great Recession, including the stimulus package, and is about to win a big Financial Reform bill. Its health care plan is a step in the right direction that will need some fixing down the road (especially in the areas of tort reform and the need to shrink or eliminate Medicaid by moving recipients into market-oriented health care exchanges*). Its foreign policy has largely rectified the bombastic bellicosity of the Bush years...although there are real problems with the war in Afghanistan right now.

There you have it. Klein lets the cat out of the bag on the conventional wisdom in Versailles -- where career "progressives" are fully paid up, sausage-wienie scarfing members, as their shameful suppression of single payer advocacy amply proves -- on incremental HCR changes.

Just what we need! Doubling down on neo-liberalism! Oh, but wait, wait....

You mean all that stuff the access bloggers and the Obama apologists and the career "progressives" were pushing about Medicaid expansion** being this great victory that might even lead to single payer down the road....

All that stuff was just another bait and switch operation?

Say it isn't so, Joe! Say it isn't so!

NOTE * For "market-oriented" read "rent-enabling."

NOTE ** What Obamacare's Medicaid expansion did was make it possible for people a bit more up the income ladder than the truly destitute to lose their houses to avoid being denied care. Medicaid is, of course, means- and income-tested. Yay!

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Submitted by basement angel on

knowing that they won't be able to sustain paying premiums. The insurance industry will scarf up the premium but deny them care because the can't afford the co-pays for office visits and medicine, and their payment of premiums will lag sufficiently that they won't go to the doctor until the last minute. And that's a feature, not a bug.

It's incredibly brutal.

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Submitted by Cleaver on

And we put these people into the insurance market knowing that they won't be able to sustain paying premiums.

Where do I short the CDOs containing these tranches?

Submitted by Elliott Lake on


As they don't know personally anyone who will die for this, what do they care? When there's no one left to mow their lawns or clerk in stores or fix their cars, they may notice, but they still won't care.

Submitted by libbyliberal on

"single payer" total brain scrub. It awes me how such a just and feasible system continuously goes unacknowledged.

Fascist leaders often had very intelligent followers. It wasn't that all were lamely stupid.

Moral or emotional intelligence and imagination it has to do with I guess. And that damn cronyism. Amazing the potency of the group think koolaid. And the egoism of class superiority? Lack of empathy.

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Submitted by DCblogger on

I think Atrios gave him that nick name. It comes from taking the K from his last name and putting it in his first name.