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Joseph Stiglitz rocks Zuccotti Park

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With an impromptu seminar!

NOTE This also shows the working of "the people's mic." Stoller is right to be reminded of a church. To my (lapsed) Episcopalian ears, this colloquy exactly like a liturgy. --lambert


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and repetition of speech have been at the core of human communication since before written language....

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... and we can only hope that the process helps prevent the Ds from infiltrating and destroying the occupations, which is the role they are allotted in the two party system*; as DCBlogger points out, there was obviously a conference call.

NOTE See under hopey change and the fate of "Obama For America" after 2008, as well as the "put down your placard and pick up a clipboard," the successful D strategy to derail the Madison Occupations.

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Are well aware of what happened in WI, and have mentioned that specific outcome. In addition, I've posted on 3 FB pages this article, which addresses the very same issue.