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Kewl Kidz diss Jane

But what did we expect? Yes, James "***" Brady indeed held the showdown at the WaPo corral. And gosh, for some reason "***" had nothing to say when Jane said this:

Jane Hamsher: Jim Brady told Jay Rosen , "If you want to take issue with articles in The Post or on, go right ahead. If you want to complain that you think we're biased to the left or right -- and, believe me, we get it from both sides -- have at it. But if you want to viciously attack and insult Post or staffers or other blog commenters, then go somewhere else to do it. That's the deal 've had with a large majority of our loyal readers for years, and we've decided that's going to be our policy going forward."

It would be interesting to now how this reconciles with the deletion of

Paul Lukasiak's and Richard Estes' comments

from the Maryland Moment blog, which were pure political commentary and contained neither profanity nor "hate speech".

Much of the profanity has been put back in, but these comments have not. This makes it seem that the Post's goal was to silence intelligent, appropriate political criticism rather than to eliminate what they are complaining so loudly about.

Exactly so. And what do we hear? Crickets. So, guess what the Post moderators did? It's just like what happens in Junior High when you're not part of the "popular" crowd:

Yes, the moderators let in some commenters to trash Jane. And Jane only. How very curious:

Next time, why not at least attempt to look for women who think with their heads?

And this:

Greta, Wash.: For Ms. Hamsher

Wait a minute! You organized an attack on a book at that you admitted you never read but you nonetheless disliked. You had hundreds of your readers file bad reviews at your urging in order to affect the book's ranking at Amazon. This is childish behavior in the extreme and of course, Amazon eventually deleted the reviews as was their right. You used to produce films. I saw "Double Dragon" and I told other people to not watch it because it was crap, as is my right. The Post has the right to edit any way they please, do they not?

Glenn Reynolds: Seems like Jane should answer this, since she's a champion of interactivity.

Jeff Jarvis: Heh.

Heh, indeed. Yeah, so it's OK for the wingers to game the best seller system with bulk buys and backscratching on Amazon, but let a Democrat fight back, and OMG, Let the Squealing Begin!

Seriously, can't you just hear the Kewl Kidz snickering? "Let's give her a taste of her own medicine!"

Now, Jane can take care of herself, and besides, we consider the source. Heck, every Democrat gets called a traitor by the VRWC on a daily basis and by every Republican from Bush on down--or should I say, even further down--so a little good natured ribbing doesn't hurt us. But fair's fair, WaPo. I'm sure there were plenty of equivalent comments from readers on InstaCrack that didn't get published. I wonder why?

As Peter Dauo says today:

There's a critical distinction to be made here: individual reporters may lean left, isolated news stories may be slanted against the administration. What I'm describing is the wholesale peddling by the "neutral" press of deep-seated narratives, memes, and soundbites: simple, targeted talking points that paint a picture of reality for the American public that favors the right and tarnishes the left.

That's what we saw at the WaPo corral. And the frustrating part, the part that makes me grind my teeth for relief after I stop pounding my head on the wall, is that technically, WaPo gets it. Their site is miles ahead of poor old Pinch's little playtoy. Heck, they held an online conference! But editorially, they don't get it. They have no concept, cannot admit, what a substantial portion of their readership sees, and has called bullshit on: To repeat Peter Daou, they're "painting a picture of reality for the American public that favors the right and tarnishes the left." Every brushstroke in the picture doesn't, but the picture as a whole does. That was crystal clear in WaPo's "ethics" conference today.

And speaking of disintermediation, how's CraigsList doing these days?

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