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Let the reluction begin!

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Reluction. Noun. Ostensibly reluctant yet unyielding support for a politician's reelection.

Example: "Historians recall the 2012 presidential campaign as an absolute orgy of reluction, especially in the progressive blogosphere."

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Submitted by votermom on

Stupidity of "I will still pull the lever for him, but I'll be all pouty while I do it."

I myself plan to write in Hillary in the primary, and vote for either the GOP candidate or the Green candidate in the general.
(Depending on who the candidates are. I will never ever ever vote for Obama, unless maybe someone pays me 10 million dollars in cash upfront to do so, in which I case I would vote for him but "accidentally" spoil my ballot. Just suggesting some ways for BO to spend his One Billion Dollars, you know. )

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Submitted by twig on

Just from thinking of all the inane "but Obama's better than ____" arguments we're going to hear for the next 18 months. Grrrrrr....