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Let the oppo begin!

I always expected the question of how Mike Huckabee's son killed that dog* would be a fertile source for opposition researchers.

But I didn't expect that would happen the minute the Iowa polls closed! Fuck!



NOTE * Bud, from Legal, insists that I add the word "alleged" here.

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Hate the Huckster. It'll still probably be McCain or Romney for them.

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So it's not really Huckabee's son, but his alleged son?!!

Or do you mean we are not sure if it was a dog that got "put down"? Maybe a chupacabra?

At any rate, I heard the Huckster hisself say his son just has a problem communicating what he had done to the dog. It wasn't so much the savage "putting down" as Huckster calls it. The problem is his boy probably thinks it is funny to joke about killing things and people. Or slitting wrists. I can't imagine where the son got that from.

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, unfortunately, conjures some "bad" childhood memories for YT. To wit, the uncompromising and humorless Den Mother Mrs. Zimmerman officially and irrevocably frog-marched me outside the Cub Scout Experience, merely becuz I happened to snicker rather aloud mid-Flag Salute at the weekly "den" meetup. This despite the incontrovertable fact that I had already earned legitimate Merit, in the form of a Gold and a Silver Arrow, by Doing Officially Recognized Good Works. (Incontrovertible, becuz my mom had permanently hand-sewn them onto my Cubby uniform.) I was all of eight years old, and already a hopeless miscreant.

([Andy Rooney-type aside:] Do actual cubs, of whatever species, have "den mothers"? The term still sounds downright weird, don't it now, even after lo, all these decades.) (But, as they say, I digress.)

Boo-hoo, ostracized. Never a chance to earn my Webelos (whatever the fuc* that is), let alone the all-important Surviving-Somehow-In-A-World-Gone-Mad-By-Roasting-Bowser Boy Scout Merit Badge. I mean, from the way the GOP presidential candidacy race is shaping up, I assume that the SSIAWGMBRB has just gotta be the one Badge that greases the easy downhill skids to Eaglehood. Or maybe it's cuz Dad-dad is governor.

Scene II -- a few years later. Unostracized junior-high pal, whistling his way through lips so chapped they had the dryness and color of premium chipped beef, gives me the skinny about the superdupe "fun" he and his peers had just endured at a recently completed Boy Scout weekend "Freezeree" (as in "jamboree," complete with outdoor tentage in deadest January). Suddenly my zimmermanly truncated Scouting Experience didn't seem all that "bad". I think, if memory serves, it was the very first "epiphany" of my young life.

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It'd be VERY smart of you to go back and drop in "ALLEGED" into all of those posts, with an obvious claim/disclaimer thing statement thing... thing with an obvious "correction" blahblah thingy.

Just sayin' and looking out.


From High Atop The Mighty Corrente Building... Comes Wisdom. But, put "ALLEGED" in those posts this one time.

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There's a * with "Bud, from Legal," insists I add the word alleged.

Since nobody can proof their own work, could you doublecheck for me and let me know? If you can... Thanks.

[x] Any (D) in the general. [ ] Any mullah-sucking billionaire-teabagging torture-loving pus-encrusted spawn of Cthulhu, bless his (R) heart.

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It might be in reference to your other dog tales from the GOP-side.

Hey, I disagree with this whole alleged thingy for Huckanut. I saw him on national television saying his son did in fact "put down" a dog, but it was all a misunderstanding... I mean the dog-killer part is pretty much fact, but the torture part is like water-boarding. We'll never know as long as we destroy the evidence.

Right Huckster?