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Libya (AJE Live Blog)

AJE now has live blogs for Egypt, Bahrain, and Libya (but not Yemen). Libya:

2:06 pm Deadly attacks on peaceful protests [#47] - that is what eyewitnesses are reporting from all over Libya. The country's "day of rage" has left at least 24 people dead, according to Human Rights Watch. Despite media restrictions in Libya, reports of protests and violence have emerged on the Internet. Many amateur videos have also been uploaded, which cannot be independently verified [#180].

9:50 pm We've gotten our first English-language audio dispatch via the "Feb 17 Voices" list on Twitter, which is relaying AudioBoo clips [#180] from people calling from inside Libya. It comes from a young woman in Tripoli:

Woman: (Indecipherable) ...and they just broke us up. We were about 300 people, and the cops came and they started shooting gunfire at us. They arrested a couple people and we're now, everyone just broke off. We were running. Uh, we're heading to the car, we're trying to get escape. The cops have just broke us off. 

Questioner: What were you guys chanting?

Woman: Libya, al-sharg w al-gharb, Libya, al-sharq w al-gharb. (Libya, east and west.) [#7]

And from the main AJ tweet aggregation:

nolanjazeera Libya is a huge story but extremely hard to verify images/info with nobody on ground. AJE running stories every hour tho & won't ignore it