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Libya (communications cut off)

Some miscellaneous data points from AJE, but no confirmation that protesters hold any cities, as some "exiled opposition groups" told the Guardian:

Verifying news from Libya has been difficult since protests began, thanks to restrictions on journalists entering the country, as well as internet and mobile phone black outs imposed by the government. But Human Rights Watch has reported that at least 24 protesters have been killed so far, and sources on the ground have said that number could be as high as 70.

Tens of thousands of anti-government protesters seeking to oust leader Muammar Gaddafi took to the streets across Libya on Thursday in what organisers called a "day of rage" modeled after similar protests [#47] in Tunisia and Egypt that ousted longtime leaders there. Gaddafi has ruled Libya since 1969.

Funerals for those killed, expected in both Benghazi and the town of Bayda on Friday, may be a catalyst for more protests.

Pro-government supporters also were out on the streets early on Friday, according to the Libyan state television, which broadcasted images labelled "live" that showed men chanting slogans in support of Gaddafi [#7] [Just like Egypt, and no doubt they were paid, just like Egypt].

The pro-Gaddafi crowd was seen singing as it surrounded his limousine as it crept along a road in the capital, Tripoli, packed with people carrying his portrait [#25].

From the Barcalounger: The portrait display from regime supporters is interesting, because I can't recall having seen the protesters carrying any, at all. That's very encouraging to me, because it means no cult of personality or Big Man syndrome (compare Thailand's Thaksin).