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New HHS guidelines for health insurance disclosure don't require disclosing the premiums. So health care "consumers" are supposed to comparison shop how, exactly?

Iceland's financial watchdog sacks director. Because they can. And we can't.

China to launch next manned spacecraft in summer. Benefits of the Chinese space program: T'ang!

Romney runs against labor in the heartland. Shocker!

Andrew Haldane on how to reform the banks:

To give one example, voting rights could be extended across a wide group of stakeholders, but weighted by stake. Governance and control would then be distributed across the whole balance sheet, curbing the profit-seeking incentives of the equity minority, while weighting voting rights by size of portfolio to avoid the inertia of mutuality. Bank governance would then be a wealth-weighted democracy, a hybrid of the mutual and joint-stock models. This would seem like a radical departure. But in many respects it would be a return to the incentive-aligned structure of 19th-century banking. Over the past century, the imbalance between those who have garnered the profit from banking and those who have taken on the risk has increased. It isn’t only banks that have gone bankrupt during this crisis. Households, companies and even countries have borne the brunt. Putting equity, social and financial, back into banking is essential if the financial system is to be durably repaired.

I don't see the word "fraud." Or "criminal prosecutions."

A little random. But there they are!

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