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Roots Project comes to Pennsylvania, courtesy of Vichy Dems.

Today, the Roots Project bloggers are rolling out a new effort: Roots Project Pennsylvania. The immediate goal: to encourage Pennsylvanians, and people with roots in Pennsylvania, to sound off about the upcoming Senate Judiciary Committee hearings concerning the NSA's unconstitutional, invasive, warrantless surveillance program.

Pastor Dan has more. One of the best ways to sound off is through a letter to the editor; I always turn to that section first in any paper that I read. And here's the list of Pennsylvania papers to write to:

Newspapers list.

Have at it! I plan to! To help you, Vichy Dems have also compiled a set of talking points; PSOTD has a second set. PA Lady and Rowhouse Logic have more.

NOTE The Metro is missing from their list. Metro has a very lively, no-holds-barred Letters section, and of course it's read by a captive audience of rail and bus commuters. You can post your letter online, or email them.

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