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Yes, my sisters, they're playing that familiar song again...

Democrats in Tight Races Put Focus on Abortion Rights

In the bruising race for a Senate seat here in Colorado, one ad features a Denver obstetrician in her scrubs, saying women will lose control of their bodies if Ken Buck, the Republican nominee, wins. Another, from the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, says privacy is at stake with a Buck victory over Senator Michael Bennet, a Democrat.

Would have been nice if our dear champions in the D party had been so concerned about our health and human rights during the uptick to health "reform", no?

Really, how long do they think they can play this broken violin?

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Vote Democratic or we'll shoot this puppy! Nevermind the pile of puppy carcasses behind all of the D candidates. . .

I posted on this today, too. I think it's hilarious that Bennet is so desperate he's actually talking to the majority of Democrats now! And trying to bully us into voting for him. It's far, far too late for me to support him. Aside from the fact that he's a dilettante who's made a career working for Daddy's friends, his record on abortion rights is non-existent.

Women--especially non-white women--have been Dem stalwarts all along, and look what we have to show for it. The battle for abortion access is in state houses now, anyway. It sure isn't going to be settled in the U.S. Senate.

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..this comment, at the end of Historiann's own post is worth repeating here:

Some a$$hole on the bus last night was yelling into a cell phone at his “girlfriend” about how he expected to be treated when he got home. He yelled that he shouldn’t have to tell her these things, a girl should just know what a man expects her to do. And she should like it too. The Democratic Party is kinda like that dude.

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... but then he knew he had that bought, so why bother until crunch time?

Doesn't he realize that with the crap choice Reps have for governor, that their only meaningful protest vote statewide would be to vote him out of office? Were Dems just that arrogant to believe that since one election was a sweep, all would be?

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I got my sample ballot today, and found that there's a Green candidate running for the U.S. Senate seat. Who knew? (Not me, anyway.) I might not have to vote R, but we'll see what the polls look like closer to election day.

I don't want to vote Republican, but I will, in order to rid us of Senator Lockjaw.

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As Ian Welsh explains, women's access to abortion has gotten worse under Obama and the Dems than it was under Bush and the GOP. So it takes some nerve (and a complete lack of shame) to argue that women have to vote for them to protect abortion rights.