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Looking towards 2013

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There will be elections this year in VA and NJ (gubernatorial, and state legislature), and municipal elections in NY, MA, TX, CA, MN, NE, and OK.

So if you are Green Party, or some other emergent party, it is time to about running for office. Should you? My first question is how would your family like it? If they wouldn't, it is a big no-no. My second question is, do you have any sort of personal network that would support you? Would your dog-walker play group support you? Would your church support your? PTA? Garden club? computer user group?

If you are on your county council, you can refuse the use of drones in your locality. You can refuse use permits to oil pipelines. There are all manner of environmental and civil liberty victories to be had on the local level. If you run for sheriff, clerk of the court, or recorder of deeds, you can insist that foreclosures be done legally. You can insist on proper documentation.

Running for local office offers you your best chance of victory. At the local level you may be able to shake enough hands, knock on enough doors, to counter the effect of a larger purse. Money matters the least at the local level, personal encounters count for the most.

The Green Party has created some terrific online graphics for 2013.

It is absolutely essential that the Greens have a good 2013. By 2014 the health care mandate will kick in. It will be just like Massachusetts, the cost of premiums and health care will go up. A lot. Voters will be unhappy and will be ready to listen to Medicare for All, and the rest of the Green message. But voters will need to see signs that the Green Party is viable. That can only be achieved by more victories. If, for example, the New York Green Party is able to elect some mayors, or at least city council members in 2013, they will be in a better position to challenge Cuomo in 2014. Winning a gubernatorial race in 2014 anywhere would be a stunning upset, but in NY would cause a political earthquake. It would completely rearrange the 2016 race. But to do that, we need to win victories in 2013.

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