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For The Lost

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This is for Joe. Whom I love, and respect, deeply, always.

This is the very first thing I learned about Barak Obama, back in the day. It's really simple. Maybe I'll be killed for saying this, but it's utterly and completely true. The first thing he did, on his road to becoming preznit? Take a guess. Heh, it's sort of funny, even. But the Big O's first executive decision? Let me tell you: firing a gay man. A black gay man. Who is taller than he is. Mon chere, and fellow employee, Claude. For being too gay.

That's how I know he is what he is. You O-Bots can go on jerking yourselves off, but you're wasting your time and honestly it's sort of pathetic. Let's all move on. Yes, I'm voting this fall. No, it won't be for whom you are paid to tell me I must. I erased so much more 'cause that's really all I have to say, innit?

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Submitted by lambert on

"No, it won't be for whom you are paid to tell me I must."

Money is speech, speech money....

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I would love there to be a link somewhere.

Seriously! There must be somewhere?

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Submitted by Joe on

I don't know if the problem is my reading comprehension or your writing style, but I often find that I have no earthly clue what you are talking about.

Who are you talking to in this post? Who's "Joe"? Are the rest of us allowed to read? You're ranting away at "you O-bots" so I assume you're not just talking to "Joe". Apparently, you're talking to "Joe" AND the O-Bots? I'm not an O-bot though. So I guess I shouldn't be reading this? Huh? Wha? How many drugs did you take this morning?

By the way, I'm not sure how many "O-bots" are going to be convinced by your arguments if you scream in their faces like this. I think activists who actually care about getting things "accomplished" understand that you've got to WIN other people over to your views. It is not possible to do this by screaming in people's faces, and telling them they need to stop jerking themselves off. This approach is as ineffective as it is juvenile.

You know how we lefties don't like when people call us names? Well, guess what? NOBODY likes being called names and insulted.

I'd suggest that the best and most effective kind of activism should always follow the rule - Kick Up, Not Down...

It applies in how we treat Tea Party people and it also applies to how we treat the "O-bots."

P.S. Posting about your gay mon frere Claude with no links, no sources, nothing, is basically useless to me. For all I know, Claude could be a fucking idiot, and that's why he got fired. Simply put, you give no goddamned evidence at all that Claude was unjustly fired. Are we lefties a faith-based bunch now?

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Submitted by vastydeep on

I've always loved CD's writing and I don't see any problems with her clarity here.

Blog notes are epistolary -- you shouldn't need to know who "Joe" is to relate to the everyman that Joe represents.

President Obama called himself a "fierce advocate" for the LGBT community, but then he's called himself a lot of things. CD is just calling out the first episode in the Obama pattern: fine words followed by diametrically opposite actions. Fierce advocate? Sure, and his first action and establishing symbolism was to fire a gay black man. Savvy businessmen? Whip congress to bail them out and ensure that we all pay their year-end bonuses. Close Abu Ghraib? The wikileaks documents indicate that torture went on into 2009. It goes on and on -- it seems there's a pattern here, and CD is just taking us back to her view of where it all began.

After 8 agonizing years of W, Obama was elected with some hopes that if we needed another FDR, he might become another FDR. It was clear to CD then, and it's becoming clear to all now that he's basically an avatar carrying out W's third term.

Faith based? Hardly. We lefties believe in ideas, rather than worshipping idols or people. We've been patient for years -- it's long since time to start screaming at Tea Partiers (clueless clowns in a circus paid for by billionaires) and worshipful O-bots. I believe CD is just calling it out.

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Submitted by ms_xeno on

Maybe she'll pop in later and elaborate.

I do know that it frustrates the hell out of me to hear Obama and his Democratic brethren and sistren called "Pro-LGBT."

You are not "Pro" just because you take money from a group, say nice things to them at nice expensive dinners where they give you more money, and then you go on your merry way continually denying them rights. They vote for you, you fuck them over. You knowingly play on their fears of people from "the other team" whose hostility is more overt than yours. Which is your excuse to continue taking their money and votes and then fucking them over. What are they going to do about it, after all? Walk away?

This could just as readily apply to every other "special interest" group used by Democrats as their ever-pliant living ATM machines. My old buddies over at AFSCME, for instance.

It's a depressing spectacle. Particularly when the politicos in question are lauded for-- what?-- not demanding that the "special interests" be rounded up and shot? Nobody deserves congratulations merely for keeping their bigotry more well-modulated and prettified than that favored by their alleged opponents.


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Submitted by chicago dyke on

i, well, frankly, forgot about you when i titled this post. my bad. it was sloppy.

no, this post is for a prominent blogger with the name of "joe" in his nym. not you, & it's not directed at you, nor anything you've ever said. i enjoy your writing greatly and i'm sorry i wasn't more clever in separating your two nyms. sorry, it was late and this was one of those emotional posts that i tend to write on the end of reading something that i know will be important or viral that others have written; reactionary and unconsidered, as it were. again, i'm so sorry. please don't let me discourage you from participating here at corrente. i iz very dum sometimes.