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Mad as Hell Doctors on so-called public option FAIL

Via Stump Lane, here:

This public plan option, at least as it’s written in HR 3200, is a lame, failed, designed-to-fail public plan option. It’s not available until 2013. When it’s available, it’s not available to people who get insurance from their employers. Those are healthy people. It’s not available to people who are upper middle class or wealthier. Those are healthy people. So the public plan option is designed to attract the sickest, most expensive people. And when it fails in 2017 or 2018, by design, the insurance industry is going to point at it and say, “See, the government can’t do healthcare.” And it’ll be the wrong lesson. And I just—this whole thing is being manipulated by the industry with our legislators being complicit in this process.


As CD remarks:

It really is possible to pass a bill that makes things worse for most everyone!

Thanks, "progressives!"

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I suspect that whatever the health insurance reform process eventually yields, there will be three benefits for the insurance industry. The industry will have one hell of a ride for a few years - money will pour into its coffers. The weakened versions of a public option or cooperatives will fail, bolstering its claim that public health care cannot work in the United States. Finally, the general structure appears to be weakening Medicare, giving health insurance companies and the right a toehold in their long term effort to destroy Medicare itself.

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Great Q & A article in NYT.

Questions for Dr. Marcia Angell

Which included this quote:

But I’m not convinced that getting a single-payer system now is politically infeasible. The public would be happy with Medicare for all. Polls have shown that the public loves Medicare. The problem isn’t the public. It’s Congress, which caves in to special interests.

Indicative of the above quote, the comments section reflects overwhelming support for a single-payer system.